Monday, September 24, 2012

my day in photos...

I have been going to 6am Pilates classes twice per week, and call me crazy, but those days are the best damn days! Who would have thought I would ever look forward to Monday mornings? We are officially in the twilight zone people...

We drink herbal tea during Pilates - much more soothing than water!

Jade and Jasper say - oh hai, thanks for leaving this nice warm bed for us while you were out! Why don't you join us for snuggles?

I am officially obSESSed with this yoghurt!

Best breakfast evah!

Obligatory (extremely blurry) work outfit shot...

A couple of the partners were in the office today and we all went out for lunch...

I believe this was deep sea brim - or maybe it was bream? Whatevs, it was delicious

Brandy snap basket! Love

Baked a citrus and yoghurt cake yesterday...




  1. Calling you crazy. That is all.

  2. I've been doing pilates in the morning at home. Gosh it makes me feel pathetic. I'm so weak! Still I guess I'm doing something about it. One day I won't be a wobbly mess at the end.

  3. What's that cereal? It looks yummy!

  4. I really want to get into pilates and/or yoga. Must sign up!! I am so keen to try the coffee flavoured 5:am yoghurt - have heard it's delicious.
    Heidi xo
    p.s. check my blog post, you're in for a treat