Sunday, September 23, 2012

weekend, weekend!

In the true spirit of most great weekends, this one has just flown by! The days have been wonderfully balmy warm, and long and summer-y - perfection!

Saturday walkies down at Bulli beach...

Kind of loving how the orange banner thingy in the background matches my skirt here - you know you're going above and beyond in the name of fashion when you co-ordinate with the backdrop!

And can we pls just ignore the freaky-ass thing my right leg appears to be doing in this photo? Kthanx!

 MinkPink breton stripe top
 Veronika Maine skirt and belt
 Tony Bianco wedge heels
 Jag satchel
 Tiffany&Co jewellery

V and I both had a mean hankering for mexican for dinner on Saturday, so we hotfooted it into town to hit up Amigos for tacos and churros...

En route to dinner, we stopped off for a cheeky drink at Red Square...


The barkeep at Amigos makes a mean mojito! Witness V in the background with his gigantor jug of (non-alcoholic) cactus juice - "what? its $4 for a glass or $8 for a jug, I'm just getting my money's worth!" Three trips to the little boys room later I was still laughing at him

They had a new menu this weekend, and I was devastated to see my favourite tostadas-with-chorizo-and-radish entree was MIA - seriously people, I think I welled up a little when I realised it was gone from the menu

Mmmmm pulled pork tacos made up for my disappointment quite nicely...

Our keen-as-mustard waiter left us this cute little note on our bill which I thought was just adorable! (long story, we a bit underwhelmed with our new-menu entree and he passed on our feedback &c) Its the little things

In other exciting news, I would like you all to meet the newest addition to our household...

Nespresso Citiz+Milk! Less than 24 hours and to say we are obsessed would be an understatement

Have been wearing this Camilla kaftan-mumu type get-up a lot of late - bring on summer!

Solar-powered kittehs are busy recharging...

Happy weekend to all in Blogland! I'm off to bake a cake - lime and yoghurt sounds about right


  1. I have the exact same Nespresso! LOVE it!
    Black and purple pods are our fav's here!

  2. Yum bellinis my favourite.

    How good are churros? I have a bit of an obsessions with them at the moment

  3. It was such a stunning weekend. I'm a bit sad that next weekend I will be at the beach and it isn't meant to be as nice.
    You look great in that caftan. I can't do it. I look very frumpy when I try.

  4. aww bulli! I used to go there all the time when I was a kid because we lived 40 mins away. love it down there.

    that's an absolutely gorgeous caftan! x