Wednesday, September 19, 2012

my week so far...

Cannot believe its only Wednesday! Feels like it should already be the weekend - so not a good thing midweek

Mid-morning coffee time! The past few weeks have been insane, and my caffeine intake has increased exponentially

Absolutely lurving my new Jaipur Glasshouse candle (Honeysuckle and Amber), serious delish! Why do I always fall head-over-heels in love with the limited edition flavours? (to wit: Versailles) *sadface*

Had lunch with my lovely parents yesterday at Lower East cafe

Mmmmm masala chai...

More corporate-wear - working that Zara blazer like a pro, best purchase in a long time, thanks Mish! On that note, if you haven't already (ie if you've been living under a rock), I highly recommend you pop over and check out Mish's amazeballs wardrobe-clearance sale site, serious bargains to be had people!

On that work-related note, voila, my desk! Yes, I do have a weeny cat on my work desk. And doilies. Hehe

Jasper would say hi - but he's having a nap attack



  1. LOVE the doilies on your work desk. I can't wait until I'm working in a real job at a real firm and get to have my own desk that I can decorate. Hahaha, I look forward to the important parts of adulthood.


  2. Oh god, Jasper looks so cute! Such a weird position to sleep in:)

  3. Haha your cats are funny. Animals add lots of laughter to your life I must say.

  4. I love Versailles! I am rationing the last inch in the bottom of mine. So sad... I didn't realise Jaipur was LE... :(