Sunday, September 16, 2012

la-la-laduree! and sunshiney sundays

The big news of the week - Laduree has opened in Sydney!

Queues were completely cray-cray, so unless you want to get all sneaky like me (*cough* have a seat in the cafe and order a pot of tea and a dozen macarons to takeaway *cough*), I'd recommend steering clear for another week at least until the hype has died down

Hello, lovelies! So, so worth the wait

This lemon macaron was SO insanely good!

Jasper was singularly unimpressed when I told him that macarons are not for cats (especially not at $3.40 a pop!)

Keeping the pretty little box for decorative purposes? Hells yes

Jade does her best come-hither look....

V and I celebrated the sunshine today with a Sunday breakfast at Diggies on the beach

Pretty damn good coffee...

Ravensthorpe muesli, yoghurt and an earl-grey poached pear, yum!

Baked some choc-chip and oat biscuits

My mum dug up this apron the other week, I remember this little beauty from when I was about 10! It is pink and frilly and has unicorns on it, I mean, come on!

Hope the weekend has been good to you all!


  1. I bet the lines would have been crazy- that was a good plan ;) I have been meaning to make biscuits all week (haven't had the chance sadly!), and that sounds like such a good combination :) They look so cute and bite sized! x

  2. Ahhh I am so jealous you managed to get some macarons! My friends and I turned up at about 4:30 on Friday afternoon and found it to be a 1hr 10min wait... definitely not cool! Will have to go back eventually.

    I am adoring that apron - frills and unicorns win every time! x

  3. SO JEALOUS! Can't believe I left Syd just before they opened. Have you had Zumbo's macarons, if so how did Laduree compare? Love the packaging, it looks so pretty.

  4. The macarons are impressive but that apron .... Definitely a keeper. I still wish I'd kept a frog tee I wore nearly every day as a child. I'd wear it today if I could.

  5. Zumbo AND Laduree. That's what I call an embarrassment of riches!

  6. Yum! I was lucky enough to attend Laduree the day after it opened in NY. So worth the wait, though I did arrive at 8am in the morning, in the rain might I add. So the line was not nearly as painful as I imagined. I can only dream of a Laduree opening in Brisbane!

    Love the apron, your mother is smart to have kept that! Every woman needs a frilly unicorned apron in her life :)

    C do you have a gmail account my any chance? I'd love to send you a few things to do with Popbasic's launch. If you're not comfortable with that, all the details are here: we're also offering free shipping to our Australian customers. Have a lovely week and thanks again for your advice re. my engagement ring- it's turning out to be quite the battle.

  7. I'm a bit appalled that Laduree is importing the macarons from Switzerland. I want to know why they can't be made here. The thing I love about them in France is how fresh they are.
    Your apron is super cute!

  8. Can't believe all the fuss over a macaron shop - they sell those everywhere so whats the hype?

  9. I went in to the city yesterday and the lines were crazy long all day so I decided I would go another day when it dies down. They look delicious!