Thursday, October 4, 2012

the week in pictures...

Second only to the amazingness that is a long weekend, is the amazingness of a 4-day working week to follow! Totally stoked that the weekend is nearly upon us already

Ranunculus! (ranunculi?)

Breakfast at desk!

My wee office orchid is going great guns! V is astonished that I've managed not to kill it (just quietly, so am I)

Nawww my lovely EA bought me some macarons today - have been having a rough couple of weeks at work, 'twas such a sweet gesture


Nespresso makes damn good frothy hot chocolate!

Jade is all tucked up for the night zzzzzz....



  1. Beautiful Ranunculus - I'm growing some in my garden but they look half dead. I thought I was treating them ok too hahaha

    Mmmmm frothy hot chocolate

  2. Love all the Tiffany boxes in the background of photo 1 hehe. Your breakfast looks yummy! I am in the process of attempting to eat better breakfasts, wish I could have berries every morning.

    x Eve

  3. the ranunculus is gorgeous! I'm considering having them in my bridal bouquet.

    I haven't tasted that flavour rekorderlig before, I'll have to give it a go! x

  4. TOTALLY agree about the nespresso hot chocolate
    I'm loving a affogato at the moment too, especially with the LE pods they had recently.


  5. Your pictures are always so nice and positive.

    Delic breakfast. Beats my toast with butter every day.

    Love their ciders also but only on a hot day - we don't have any of those in Melbourne yet, sob.