Sunday, October 7, 2012

another weekend, been and gone...

Always so sad when the weekend is over - losing an hour of my precious weekendtime (thanks, daylight savings!) was totally poo. Really not ready for tomorrow to be Monday, amiright?

I tend to dress like a bag lady on weekends...

The Nespresso love affair continues

Went out for coffee and macarons with my sister and niece on Saturday - this was raspberry coconut, delish!

Have been feeling a bit blue and under the weather lately, so trying to be good and drink lots of hot water with lemon (find this surprisingly yum!) Not sure if its doing anything tbh

Quiet Saturday night in (somehow think the above cancels out all the hot-water-and-lemon goodness haha)

Sunday, V spoilt me with some gorgeous lilac roses...


I really need to stop telling people I never win anything, seeing as I won third prize in a raffle today - $300 worth of boutique wines, booyeah!

Jasper thinks the wine box is super-cool!

Family dinner - lovely parentals have just returned from several weeks in NZ, so nice to have them back! Give I'm used to seeing them at least once or twice per week, its hard when they go away

Chekkit the awesome lambswool scarf my gorgeous Dad bought me in Dunedin! His pet name for me is Daffy Duck (loooong story), and although this is a goose, not a duck, it made him think of me hehe

Hope the weekend has been good to you all!


  1. hehehe your kitty looks so cute.
    I wish I had been given some roses, my husband thinks they are impractical, so sad.
    What a lovely scarf, you lucky duck.

  2. What an awesome scarf!
    Hope you start to feel better x

  3. Oh my gosh, those roses...! And what a lucky win with the wine.

  4. Beautiful photos Cate. The lilac roses are stunning and I love the ballerina styling. Congrats on winning the wine and that scarf is just the cutest!

  5. Lilac roses - divinity. Nearly the weekend again, thank goodness :)
    Heidi xo
    p.s. Haven't heard back, let me know if you got my email! mine is applesundermybed[AT]gmail[DOT]com xo

  6. Thanks for sharing these glimpses into your days, I especially love the way you have styled the roses, Lula's, ballet shoes and Laduree box - some of life's most lovely things! I have been reading your blog since the beginning but have never commented - so thank you for keeping it up! I feel a bit creepy saying that I enjoy reading about your adventures, but it is the honest truth! :)