Saturday, October 20, 2012

weekend, weekend...

Thank Glob the weekend is finally here! Could not have come soon enough for me, I tell you

My order of Nespresso pods arrived in the mail last week, yew! Totally made my day

Not a bad little drop...

I must say, I make the bestest vegetarian nachos EVAH!

Outfit of the day (mirror shot, as my official photographer is away in Parkes)

Spent several hours having my hair cut and re-coloured today...

New-hair selfie! Its actually a lot more copper-red than it looks in this pic

Its been so warm and spring-timey, 'twas time to paint the toenails! Rocking the long toes and moon-tan hehe

OPI Quarter of a Cent-Cherry is such a lovely red!

The release of the new Lula magazine is always cause for a little celebration...

Cat-in-the-box! This is the new toy of the month with the kittehs...

And of course Jasper had to come and kick Jade out and steal it for himself

Happy weekend to you all!


  1. Yes, LOVE your hair! Magazine relaxation on the weekend is just the best.
    Heidi xo

  2. your hair looks great! how exciting is it when you get something good in the mail hahah jut makes your day!!

  3. Niiiiice hair. I'm thinking of going brown because I think the upkeep will be cheaper than blonde - but I prefer blonde on me.... Conundrum.

  4. Love your hair! Ohhh your cats!! It's so funny, we bought a rice cooker the other week and that's been Rommy's favourite toy too. He even dragged his cat blanket in there! (adorable!)
    Love that red nailpolish too. Might have to pick some up.

  5. I just wanted to say i really love reading your blog, i have been following from a far for years after reading your posts on the vogue forum but was always to shy to comment!

    I have a massive obsession with candles but i have never seen this Monets Garden, what does it smell like?


  6. Looove your new hair!! I am liking your blunt fringe a lot, too!! I've never been brave enough to try it forehead gets too oily :P x

  7. Hi there, I know your blog fron the Vogue forums, been reading for a while without commenting, but I wanted to say that I *love* the foodie pics/posts! The veg nachos look amazing! Would you mind sharing your recipe?