Wednesday, October 17, 2012

week in photos...

Having a laff at myself this evening, because I somehow managed to post this blog post yesterday as a whole big string o' pictures without words, stupido!

Nespress continues to get daily use - kittycat mug is a perennial morning fave

Seeeeriously good stuff! Thanks for the recommendation Heidi!

Indulged in a brand-spanking-new Keep Cup! The colours were so purdy

My lovely Mum bought me a nice, big Happy Rooster from Dunedin, to keep my Happy Hens in line!

My skin has been so horribly reactive and sensitized this past few weeks thanks to work stress - my darling V bought me a Dermalogica Sensitive starter kit, and this stuff is the bomb! Its helping so much, things are already starting to clear up *yay*

Current brekky obsession - yay for summery berries!

The kittehs send their love...

Had an amazing experience with Glasshouse candles this week! I wrote on their Facebook page recently that a couple of my candles were not burning evenly. They sent me two replacement candles! Supremely impressed

Dinner for one - V is in Parkes for a fortnight *sadface*

Gah ends are currently split to fuck

Tea break!

Soooore ballet feet!

Indulging in a rare magazine...

Love grabbing a freshly squeezed juice on the way home from my 6am pilates class!

Best way to cheer myself up when V is away, wearing my wedding perfume, Jo Malone French Lime Blossom

Summer work clothes!

Pide with the parentals



  1. Great photos and I love your keep cup colours :)

  2. Great post! I love the colours of your keepcup, I've had mine for about 2 years and use it all the time :) Pretty ballet stockings too.. mine are so faded- need to get some more! x

  3. I just love that white dress you're wearing! where is it from? x

  4. Beautiful pics Cate. Jo Malone is one of my faves too. Lucky you with Glasshouse - that's impressive service. Your breakfast looks super yummy but all your food posts seem to. Hope your work becomes less stressful soon x

  5. Oh that kittycat cup is so gorgeous! Where ever did you find it?

  6. Pide with parentals - love that. Yay for the emma & toms bars! Truly so delicious. Tried the banana one eventually - good! Seriously better than cafe banana bread. I've been mad for wearing my wedding scent lately - makes me do a happy dance :)
    Heidi xo

  7. Thank you for posting about glasshouse! A couple of my candles were doing that as well so I contacted them and they are also sending me replacements!
    YAY- More glasshouse deliciousness! You may have started my obsession!

    Simone X