Saturday, November 3, 2012

my week in photos...

Can anyone believe that we're in November already? I know, me either! It is freaking me out, just quietly, so much on at this time of year! Loves it though

This week has been no exception - hectic, but awesome!

Had lunch with some lovely work peeps, down at Diggies - their lunch menu has seriously improved! Very impressed

My "warrior" shot - fresh squeezed OJ and ginger, mmmm

This chicken salad with freekah and labne was the BOMB!

Some mornings just call for coffee and raisin toast at one's desk, no avoiding it...

OK so someone forgot her nikes this week - my pilates class got a kick out of my tres chic workout ensemble 

Friday is produce market day, yay!

My amazing Dad has just had his patent registered in the USA (after much blood, sweat and tears), and we bought him some bubbles to say congratulations. SO proud of him!

Weekend morning snuggles - V's hairy arm, not mine LOL

Saturday morning brekky at lee&me, mais bien sur, que'st-ce que tu penses, alors?

This totally blew my tiny mind - toasted brioche with strawberries, maple syrup and CHAI INFUSED CUSTARD!!! Insanity. Love

The obsession with these Bassike jersey pants continues unabated - think I need to get myself a black pair also, I foresee wearing these to death

Loving these sweet little Bison ceramic jugs...

Do you all just love menu- and meal-planning? It is one of the highlights of my week, no word of a lie - I think I need to get a life haha

Sunday morning brunch down at the new Bathers Pavillion cafe with some lovely ladies...

These ricotta hotcakes with honeycomb butter were insanely good! J advised that the potato-and-spinach rosti with egg, ham and hollandaise was equally amazing 

Gorgeous views!

What have you all been up to? Hope the weekend has been treating you well!


  1. Oh my gosh! You have just given me inspiration for what I can do with my gazillions of cake stands! My husband had been just stacking them all in a cupboard. Hahaha.

    That brioche does look amazing! Next time I'm in the gong I'll have to go!

  2. Ps. I am so put to shame by your menu planning! I often feel like such a bad wife with the amount we eat out because I am too tired to cook. I've bought a menu planner but I just am not inspired enough. Sigh. On the upside, I love to do laundry...?

  3. That chicken salad does look amazing!!!!! Want. Yay for your dad, congrats that's awesome! ooooh french toast. My weekend has been so so lovely. & we have tuesday off too so the fun continues! woot woot.
    Heidi xo

  4. Well done to your Dad. I look after patents for our company and it is a horrific process.

    What a yummy week you have had. I'm drooling looking at the pictures.

  5. Hahahaha I laughed so hard at the photo of your pilates outfit. So cute!