Saturday, November 10, 2012

random snippets...

Another action-packed week is done and dusted - and every day brings us closer and closer to Christmas, yew! I am such a little child at heart and love all things holiday-related - even more so this year as my entire family will be over in New Zealand from late December, and celebrating Christmas with the extended family, which is just brilliant, and does not happen anywhere near frequently enough for my liking! Is it mad to already be planning what I am going to pack?

Treated myself to a takeaway brekky from lee&me on Friday, world's best bircher muesli and a coffee...

I recently won an awesome prize from the lovely Heidi over at Apples Under My Bed - coconut flour! I am extremely excited to give this a whirl, think I am going to try Heidi's choc-cherry cake recipe...

I absolutely LOVE Christmas brochures! The DJ's one is always a bit special, lots of dog-earing of pages and circling gift ideas

Sunday morning brekky parfaits...

Followed by scrambled eggs (courtesy of my parents' chickens - check out those gorgeous, golden yolks!)

With sourdough from the produce markets

Picked up some gorgeous David Austen roses from the florist

I have never seen Lissianthus in such a gorgeous shade of pink!

Never let it be said that I don't get the best value possible out of my flower purchases!

And a bit more...

I have been inducted into the hallowed halls of Dyson-owning elite this weekend, and I am truly a convert! I did the floors two days ago with my old vaccuum, and did them again with Mr Dyson this afternoon and picked up a truly OBSCENE amount of cathair *eep*
Think I am going to start classifying my life as BD (before Dyson) and AD (after Dyson)

The kittehs send their love

What's been happening this weekend? Hope the weather has been lovely wherever you are!


  1. Isn't the Dyson incredible!? My dad owned one when I was living at the house and I miss it soooo much.
    Those flowers look so beautiful!!

  2. I love those organic eggs which such yellow yolks- awesome. Yay for winning coconut flour, I bought some a while ago and have sadly never used it. But I will! Heidi always has fabulous recipes.. :) xx

  3. The DJs Christmas Catalogue is my favourite too!

  4. Oh I miss home laid eggs. My parents don't have chickens anymore and my place is just too tiny.
    I was truly appalled at myself the first time I did a dyson vacuum. They are THE BEST.

  5. Dysons are truly life changing!
    So jealous you're off to NZ, I need another trip there badly!

  6. New Zealand is one of my favourite places ever, how exciting that you'll be there for Christmas with your family!

    Christmas catalogues always put me in the mood too. DJs is always lovely :)

  7. Yay, so happy you got the flour & are pumped to use it! I just love smelling it too ... :O I need a new vacuum cleaner, badly. & also I LOVE your new dress. I too am so excited for christmas, totally with you on that one ;)
    Heidi xo

  8. ok clearly I blended the recent 2 posts. I shall amend by saying that your bircher muesli looks delicious & pop on over to the other post to comment on your dress :) My bad.
    Heidi xo

  9. I always have food envy looking at your blog. Bircher muesli is the bomb! I concur re the Dyson too. I actually enjoy vacuuming now. Weird huh. Pretty flowers.