Sunday, November 18, 2012

quick weekend hoorah...

Dropping by extremely quickly to share a (very) few snaps of the weekend (and Friday):

Bookworm Jade...

And solar-powered Jasper!

Friday lunch at Yama in the QVB

Today was mainly taken up with several hours of ballet rehearsal for this year's Christmas concert...

Poppy tutus!

The girls (playing silly buggers with our tutus haha)

Amazing looking storm front moving through this evening!

Happy weekend to you all


  1. The tutus look awesome ;) Being a ballerina must be so much fun and yet such hard work.. I remember ballet lessons when I was a child and I couldn't keep up with them anymore because they were too physically demanding!

    Hope the storm hasn't caught you guys over there!

  2. Lovely xx can't wait to dine with you next week!

  3. love the dance costumes! so cute x

  4. Jasper is so cute. The ballet girls look gorgeous!

  5. Good luck for your Christmas ballet performance. I just love the ballet too and the tutus are adorable.