Monday, November 12, 2012

best day EVAH!

I received an abundance of parcels in the mail today - online, bargain-bin shopping, yew!

Morning Pilates class, followed by a quick takeaway coffee at the beach - awesome start to the day!

Picked up one parcel on the way to work this morning...

And another arrived at work!

Nicola Finetti jersey drape dress
Ginger&Smart shirt (word to the wise, G&S sizing is HUGE, the 8 is swimming on me!)
Marnie Skillings silk skirt
plus assorted sass&bide and arabella ramsay basics

Words cannot express how much I freaking LOVE this dress! Its like it was designed and fitted for me

 Aaaand my gorgeous, gorgeous Oroton hobo - rich chocolatey brown, soft leather

Mango-cherry monster says raaaaawwwwrrr!



  1. That mango cherry monster is cute!! I love mangoes!
    That dress looks amazing on you!


  2. LOL @ that mango! I saw it on Instagram and got a good laugh out of it. xx

  3. Gorgeous dress, looks great on you.

    Also love the bag. I am also an Oroton fan :-)

  4. zomg. love that Oroton <3 xxxxx

  5. That NF dress is gorgeous and looks amazing on you!

  6. Indeed that is an awesome new dress :) & high five for mango - had my first one on friday & it was glorious.
    Heidi xo

  7. Gorgeous items esp the Oroton bag and the NF dress - looks fab on you 😃