Wednesday, November 28, 2012

the week after...

By the time we reach Wednesday, the excuse of "Haven't blogged, too tired from ballet on the weekend" doesn't really cut it, right? Mea culpa, but I have to insist all the same, its taken me several days to shake the tiredness (not to mention the sore legs and feet!) 

Having a seriously nasty throat infection (with a slight reaction to the antibiotics that was gastric in nature), then dancing for a coupla days, tends to knock you about a bit. Wouldn't change it for the world however! The concert was amazing, both performances went so well, and I had a blast

V took me out for a much-needed lazy breakfast on Sunday, at the newly-opened North Pavillion on the beach...

You could seriously have taken a bath in this bowl of bircher muesli, I couldn't do it justice - 'twas delicious though!

The balmy weekend weather called for caftans and lots of homemade ice tea!

Dinner and cocktails out with some lovely friends this week...

Collette Dinnigan/Australian Ballet for Target tulle skirt, yeee! (on that note, apparently I am the size of an 8-year old girl, thanks Target) Possibly to form part of my costume for my work Christmas party, watch this space...

Photograph courtesy of the Australian Ballet - "Etudes" 2012

Speaking of all things dance, a friend and I managed to snag spots for the Australian Ballet's Swan Lake masterclass next month, and I am SO excited! Picturing myself dancing the famous cygnet quartet hehe

I am off to watch some quality trashy tv (read: Big Fat Gypsy Wedding) and nom on some popcorn!


  1. I can't believe you can fit into the girls tutu! You must be tiny - so jealous hehe.

  2. Aw that tutu is super cute! Your ballet pictures looked beautiful :) Sadly my adult class isn't in the concert this year (most have children they want to see) but it was really fun last year! xx

  3. I love BFGWs. Esp. the social commentary .. such a different world. xx

  4. Hurrahz, lover you long time. Can you swipe the cocktail recipe for me please?? I have an overload of mint crying out to be muddled...! xx

  5. I miss ballet so much. Love this post. Hope you're all better now, lovely.
    Heidi xo

  6. Exciting news about the masterclass! And don't worry, I use dance lessons as an excuse for tiredness ALL THE TIME. I do four classes a week so I'm not going to apologise for it!