Sunday, December 2, 2012

its beginning to look at lot like christmas...

Thanks all the gods and small crawly things for this blessed cool change! Saturday was seriously, insanely hot, we pretty much took refuge in the local air-conditioned shopping centre and our living room, with mucho cool drinkies. Today has been SO much more pleasant!

Can you all believe that there are just over 3 weeks left until Christmas? Me either! We are just doing a secret santa with my family this year, given as we'll all be in NZ, so shopping has been pretty easy. Somehow its a bit of a let-down not to have a tree this year, but there's no point, as we fly out in under 3 weeks!

The weekend was so lovely and relaxing in the KittyCate domain, despite the horrific heat we had for part of it. Friday morning, my lovely Mum and I enjoyed the local produce markets...

How gorgeous are these heirloom carrots? I grabbed a bunch of mixed coloured ones, so pretty!

Fresh picked cherries from Young! A substantial quantity of these babies made their way home with me...

This rainbow chard is so beautifully coloured, almost too pretty to eat!

Seriously delicious tomatoes...

Believe it or not, these are zucchini! I bought one of the yellow ones, more for novelty value than anything heh

The kittehs were being adorably cute this weekend, as usual - Jasper's pose looks a teensy bit indecent actually

V and I kicked off the weekend with breakfast at lee&me on Saturday morning...

Hash brown stack with avocado, bacon, hollondaise sauce and poached egg *dying* so freaking amazing

Did some essential shopping - Prolite leather split soles, woot!

And a Wii-U may or may not have made its way home with us - c'mon people, its classic Mario World! Yeww!

Aaaand the perfect antidote to the stinking hot Saturday...

Today we went and saw my Mum's choir perform their Christmas concert - carols, and Britten's St Nicholas cantata, 'twas lovely!

The Church was all kinds of gorgeous too...

Currently continuing the seasonal theme with Donna Hay's annual Christmas magazine, and a Nespresso hazelnut latte - bliss!

Hope the weekend was good to you all!


  1. awesome, wiiu! I may have to get it just for old school mario...

    i've never thought of putting mint in my rekorderlig, what a great idea! x

  2. I am away for Xmas too but still putting up the tree - it would feel wrong not to.

    Sounds like you had a lovely weekend :-)

  3. I bought some a bunch of small yellow carrots, they are amazing roasted whole with garlic! I also can't believe it's nearing the end of the year...!! x

  4. Beautiful pics. I'm inspired by Donna Hay's Christmas Edn too but then I love anything Christmassy. Mint in summertime drinks and cocktails is the best!