Thursday, December 27, 2012


My whole family have been in Dunedin, NZ for the past week, living it up in absolute bliss at my parents' house. Its a strange feeling, coming here and feeling somehow that I am returning home - totally crazy, as I was born in Australia and have lived there my entire life. And I always feeling a sense of homecoming when I return there from New Zealand. But this country will always hold a strong sense of the familiar and homelike to me. The bizarre pitfalls of a dual citizenship I suppose!

Saturday morning at the Otago produce market is the highlight of any stay in Dunedin! (on a side note, wtf is with my broken right wrist? heck if I know what's going on there!)

The french couple making crepes are definitely my favourites - the lemon-and-sugar crepe is amaaaaazeballs

The Porridge Bar is also extremely good! I recommend the rhubarb on top

Nawwww peonies from my lovely V...

Fresh posy and some local, organic hazelnuts from the markets...

Delish salad made with mixed local leaves, herbs and flowers - LOVE market-sourced meals!

My peonies are currently brightening up my bedside table something marvelous!

Loving my new Cue blouse sick! (Thankyou again my darling V, you never fail to chose amazing Christmas gifts) On a side note, how gorgeous is my parents' garden? Stunning!

Coffee at Marbecks bookstore...

My obsession with these Bassike drapey jersey pants continues to Know No Bounds

V, my brother and I enjoyed a nice walk to a local foodie haunt for breakfast yesterday morning...

Highly recommend No 7 Balmac!

Uhhhmazing brioche french toast with poached fruit and maple syrup!

We cannot quite figure out which came first, this tree or the slide...

Definitely relishing the prospect of another fortnight off work, yew! I hope you have all had a restful Christmas. Are you taking some much-needed time off?


  1. Looks cold in NZ? 41 degrees in Perth!! Hope you had a fab xmas

    1. Eeek I heard Perth was stinking hot over Christmas! We had some nice warm days in NZ, up to around 30degrees, but also some chilly, windy days. Definitely nothing too hot though which is good! x

  2. looks like you're having a lovely time! I love NZ. love the lilac blouse, what a great present! x

    1. I am in love with those cue items V picked out, the colour is so divine x

  3. Oh I love all these photos so much more than your normal ones. I dream of going to NZ one day - it looks like such a beautiful country!
    And I love that Cue blouse on you!

    1. You should definitely visit hun, its a gorgeous spot - and our dollar is always good hehe x

  4. Hello cate,
    I read your blog now and then. You seem sort of similar to me in that you are a foodie, like tea, cats and chilling out at home with loved ones. You also come across as quite sweet and introverted. Anyway I was just wondering how you met your husband. You dont have to go into detail like when and where but just roughly how. Its just im shy and,introverted too and have trouble meeting men, they all seem to want to go out with the loud/drinking/party girl which im not. Thanks for your advice

    1. Hi Anon,
      Thanks for reading and commenting!
      I met my husband at a small party that a friend of mine had thrown! He got my number and called the next day to ask me out, and the rest is history as they say hehe.
      I'm actually a fairly loud, extroverted person most of the time, but definitely appreciate all those things you list :) I think a good balance is a wonderful thing.
      Sorry I cannot be of more help! x

  5. Are those the "Fina" Tony Bianco sandals? :O If so, are they any good? I ordered them a few days ago..

    1. Yes, I LOVE them! Comfortable and they go with everything! Hope you love yours just as much x

  6. What a gorgeous Cue blouse - your husband did VERY well indeed!
    PS. Absolutely love your blog - your updates are some of my favourites :)