Wednesday, December 26, 2012

merry merry merry...

Greetings from across the Tasman! And a very Merry (belated) Christmas to my dear readers!

It has been a lovely, chilled holiday season - quite literally, we've been averaging tops of 18degrees! A welcome relief from Sydney's oppressive heat. Although Dunedin did turn out a lovely sunny, hot Christmas day for us, which was nice

The past few days were such a lovely whirl of Christmas shopping, decorating, food prep, eating, drinking etc - I've only just emerged out of a serious food-and-drink-and-present coma, to share a handful of shots of our holiday...

Took my trusty Donna Hay Christmas magazine with me in my suitcase - it contains the trifle, cranberry sauce and ham recipes, so I consider it a festive season essential!

Vanilla bean custard and cranberry sauce done and ready to go! 

The presents under the holiday tree had increased quite impressively the night before Christmas! (My excitement knew no bounds when I saw my name on the Cue bag)

Gingerbread house! From an Ikea kit no less heh

Ridiculously proud of this monstrosity!

Arose at 6am on Christmas morning, as is my custom, to prepare and bake lussekatter rolls for everyone...

Served hot from the oven, garnished with dried cranberries, and accompanied by a pot of coffee - bliss!

Hello, gorgeous. Local free-range, organic ham courtesy of the Havoc boys. Came up a treat glazed and baked a la Donna!

The completed nectarine trifle! Magnificent!

Lillies from my parents' garden made a lovely Christmas decoration...

I was extremely spoilt! V gifted me these stunning Prada baroque sunglasses

And some gorgeous, gorgeous Cue clothes - I am in lurve with this lilac skirt! The boy picked well, he's such a champ


Hope you all had a lovely Christmas. Did you get anything special? How did you spend the day?


  1. THat does look like you had a wonderful day! And sounds like the weather was better in Dunedin than in cloudy old Auckland! I got an amazing Deadly Ponies ring - so stoked!

  2. Merry Christmas Cate! Looks like you had a wonderful day!
    Go V! Those sunnies are beautiful and that skirt!

  3. Happy Christmas Cate. Sounded like a lovely family gathering. Yummy food. The sunglasses and skirt are gorgeous. V has great taste!

  4. How divine, this post made me so happy :) I love that you wake at 6am & make breakfast for everyone.
    Heidi xo