Friday, March 22, 2013

canberra confidential...

V came home last week, from nearly 5 weeks in Wanaring/Engonia/the whops - cue much celebration and a few (happy) tears

These beauties delivered to my office heralded his imminent arrival...

Celebratory drinks involved a tres exciting mineral water for me

Friday morning, we road-tripped it down to Canberra for a long weekend break...

Took in the Toulouse-Latrec exhibition at the National Gallery, 'twas just marvellous! Really, really enjoyed it. Compared notes over a cuppa at the Tea Salon heh

This orange poppyseed cake from Koko Black was insanely good

Dined at Ottoman restaurant - by some chronic oversight, this was my first visit. Food was so good, I could have cried

Apparently this was good enough to bring a tear to your eye - I was allowed to sniff the cork

Thankyou Seed baby, for simultaneously killing me with cuteness, and threatening to bankrupt me over the next 5 months

Worked from Sydney today - the one day ever I don't carry my umbrella, and it bloody rains!

Took the bump out for lunch...

Popped in here...

Had these cleaned and sparkled up real nice

Dropped by the Lindt cafe at Martin Place and purchase many, many little gold bunnies...

Yessss my pretties! Do we want to place bets on how many of these survive to be gifted on at Easter? (the hot cross bun macarons are all miiiiine!) I need a walk just looking at these

How has the week been treating you? Are you all prepping for Easter by eating hot cross buns and little chocolate bunnies?


  1. That little onesie is SO cute! Almost as cute as your baby bump

    Hope you've been welll xx

  2. How exciting!! Must check out that restaurant when I'm in Canberra next! So many cute baby clothes out there, so little willpower!!! It's hard to resist. Glad to hear your husband is back and the bouquet was gorgeous. The Easter bunny has already been to my house a few times. Oh the shame, there will be nothing to gift. I better get to the shops for the nth time! It's OK. We are pregnant!

  3. Oh my lawd I didn't know you are pregnant!!
    Congratulations, I'm obsessed with Seed Baby love, love their stuff.
    Only tip is always check the buttons on the onesies, I've had 2 suits where they are fiddly to open/close which is super annoying at 3am when you want to get a nappy on and off quickly and effortlessly.


  4. What a lovely post-full of gorgeous stuff. Love Koko Black! That onesie is to die for! You must be so happy to have V back! x

  5. The Seed suit is ridiculously cute! I'm glad you had a lovely trip to Canberra. The exhibition would have been great. Enjoy having V home :)

  6. That Seed suit is insanely adorable.
    Those flowers from V are so beautiful as well!
    I'm jealous of all your Lindt bunnies.

  7. sounds like a lovely weekend away! all those easter goodies look amaaazing x

  8. I'm just catching up, congratulations on your impending arrival! I'm glad you had such a great weekend in Canberra, you have reminded me that it has been forever since I've been to both Koko Black and the Ottoman, must visit soon.

  9. Oh my goodness. That onesie. Amazing! So happy for you and V and that growing bump of yours!

  10. Love love love Canberra. Some call it boring but I think it has some lovely spots for a weekend away.

  11. That seed baby outfit!!!! Too much. Yay for your hubby being back :) Lindt bunny love.
    Heidi xo

  12. I have that same Oroton bag! Love it!