Wednesday, March 13, 2013

much love to you all...

Thank you all so much for your lovely, lovely thoughts and congratulations on my last post - you are all just amazing! Warmed the cockles of my heart :)

Things have been going swimmingly with Bub and I thus far - I have been blessed with a nausea-free pregnancy to date *touch wood* and have pretty much just been keeping on as normal, with a few obvious changes (ie alcohol and sushi to name a few)

As if you needed evidence - yeah, the coffee consumption continues as per normal I'm afraid. What would Sunday morning be without several cups of joe?

Tried to kick autumn along into gear by poaching some quinces this weekend - sadly I seemed to have failed. Seriously so ready to punch summer in the face. Quinces were delicious though!

The bump and I took ballet class last night - lots of jumps and sissones, fun! Yes, that is my Collette Dinnigan for Target skirt making an appearance here - hey, I figure its not going to fit me for much longer! (Incidentally, if bub is a girl, this skirt will fall to their lot - if not, I guess Niece P will be the beneficiary!)

Checkout this adorable Tui my parents brought back from NZ for Le Bebe! It makes an actual tui noise when you squeeze it nawww. Loves me some Kiwiana

You won't be hearing any complaints from me about Easter products being on the shelves too early! First bun of the season...

Took myself out for a toasted sandwich for lunch today - 'tis the simple things

Hope the week has been treating you all well!


  1. Aw the Tui is adorable as is your bump in that tutu. Poached quince. Yum!

  2. What a sweet post! Full of loveliness!

  3. Lovely. The Tui is such a fascinating bird I think that makes it an extra special keepsake.

  4. I love a good toasted sandwich! Sometimes there is really nothing that hits the spot so well!

    That ballet skirt is adorable. I took ballet for 15 years until I hurt my foot so badly that I had to give it up. I love hearing how much you enjoy it because it really is a joy to dance. Please keep it up :)

  5. Congrats! I am so excited for you :) Love your bump in the skirt. I havent had a toasted sandwich in forever! It looks delish. x

  6. You've made me want a HOT CROSS BUN dammit.. should send Hamish out for some...

    I drank coffee all through pregnancy and I SWEAR that's why Orlando is cool now with coffee. I have a cup (sometimes 2) a day now and it doesn't effect him at all.

    You must be loving the ballet and so must your bump-a-rooni.