Sunday, April 28, 2013

four-day weekend...

Treated myself to a day of annual leave last Friday, stretching out a nice little four-day weekend for myself. Indulgent, yes. But so lovely. To follow hereforth, word vomit and extreme photobombage...

Thursday involved the dawn parade with my parents, then sitting down at the beach with a coffee watching the sun come up. And biscuits. Reminiscing about my late grandfathers. Peaceful, and a bit sad.

Friday, Mum and I headed into the weekly produce markets and shopped up a veritable storm. I treated myself to a relaxing sojourn at a cafe round the road, with several coffees and the paper on my iPad.

Saturday, best breakfast evah! Courtesy of said produce markets (and ZOMG-best blackberry jam). Went to see my Mum perform in her choir, love! Draped the bump in stripes. Drank more coffee.

Sunday, enjoyed breakfast with the family at BarLissimo. What a beautiful sunny day it's been! Dinner indulgence of ricotta-stuffed zucchini flower pasta. Made a batch of scones for dessert but forgot to photograph them, oops.

Hope the weekend was good to you all! Did any of you take some time off and enjoy a four-day weekend? Next week is going to be tough going at work I tell you now! I anticipate far more caffeine than is good for one person being consumed.


  1. sounds like you had a wonderful weekend Cat - lots of yummy food and beverages :) - those stuffed zucchini flowers look amazing !


  2. What a lovely weekend. Work was tricky on Friday-you made a wise choice! x

  3. Sounds wonderful! That grapefruit looks perfect!

  4. sounds like a lovely, relaxing weekend! x