Sunday, April 21, 2013

sunday snapshots...


  1. Oh, Jade's eyes - how do you resist them?!?

  2. Love the leopard print pumps! Fresh berries are just delish, especially when it's hot xxxxx

  3. I was going to ask about the leopard flats - mine are trashed and am in dire need of a new pair!

    Ahh I love Madeleine Eastoe too! She's such a lil powerhouse, I remember seeing her in ballets when she first joined the company. Quite a while ago now! How did you rate Don Q compared to some of the other recents?

  4. Hey there, I'm Cilla
    I stalk some of the same blogs as you, and found your blog through Carly Findlay's.
    I love your fashion sense.
    I am more of a dog person, though, myself.
    Congratulations on your pregnancy! Too exciting!

  5. haha jade's sad eyes! <3 love the leopard print flats x

  6. your kittys are amazing!

    I so wish I had a cat.

    your little gal will be such a stunner with yo
    u as a mum.