Friday, April 12, 2013

short snippets on a friday...

Worked in Sydney today - judge me not for imbibing Starbucks, I am a sad little creature of habit.
Decked the bump out in navy, cream and mustard - she had no complaints about the Starbucks FTR.

The girls took me out to MoMo's for lunch and I ate THE most amazing ruben sandwich, I mean seriously, dying. They hot smoke their own pastrami and it is uh-mazing!

The kitteh obsession with the bump continues unabated. Poor poppets are in for a rude shock when the bump gets so big, they can't lie on her anymore!

Snagged the cutest little Petit Bateau dress online - love!

TGIF! I am attending my first preggo yoga class tomorrow morning, wish me luck!


  1. Love navy, cream and mustard on the bump. x

  2. You looked gorgeous! That sandwich looks amazing :)

    Good luck with pregnancy yoga! Yoga is my favourite thing ever. x

  3. That sandwich does look amazing. I had a cat that used to insist on sleeping on my pregnant bump and would not be dissuaded. The funny thing was when the baby would kick and jolt kitteh awake.

  4. Love your outfit!!! Good luck with pregnancy yoga, knowing you (through blog world) I'm sure you will be fine :) xx

  5. Next time you're in Sydney, if you are around the Surry Hills area, try a Reuben from The Sandwich Shop on Reservoir St (a couple of doors down from Single Origin). They are freakin' amazing, soooo so good!

    Love love love Petit Bateau for babies, so simple but so cute.

  6. What a neat little bump you have! Enjoy the yoga, am sure bump will enjoy too! xxx

  7. You have a very stylishly clad bump - just gorgeous! I was quite tiny for a lot of my pregnancy... the 3rd tri is when it all happens - especially on a petite frame.

  8. Gorgeous outfit Cate and love that sweet little Petit Bateau dress x