Monday, April 8, 2013

for want of inspiration for a better title...

Nearly 20 weeks gone, nearly halfway there. The time has just flown by! (Btw I swear she keeps disappearing everytime I take a photo. The elusive, disappearing bump!)

Sunday morning I headed out for breakfast at the beach with some lovely girlfriends, and a nice loooong chat for several hours, bliss!

Kicked my butt into gear and, after V left for work earlyearly this morning, instead of taking myself back to bed, I took myself for a jog. Little bit proud.

Picked up a layby during my lunch break today - cashmere, Camilla and Marc, sooooo pretty. Bring on winter please!

Kettle chips and sparkling water (in a champagne flute thankyouverymuch!), and The Voice on tv is how this pregnant lady rolls on a Monday evening. A nice slow-cooked bolognese makes it all that much better.

I blame Sydney Shop Girl entirely for the Strawberry Champagne magnum that happened after dinner...


  1. oooh that C&M cashmere looks amazing!! can't wait to see it in its entirety x

  2. I love your gorgeous posts-they always make me smile! :) x

  3. Champagne Magnums yes please. Lovely post and love the look of the C&M cashmere.

  4. Such a cute little bump! I wonder if she's angelina ballerinA? Haha so Syked for you xx yum kettle salt and vin I now have the craving!

  5. Beautiful post. Those photographs are divine x