Saturday, April 6, 2013

welcome weekend and pregnancy musings...

Happy Saturday guys! What is it about long weekends that make the following week so insane? Something to do with having to cram 5 days' worth of work into 4 I guess haha.

So enjoyed a sleep-in and lazy breakfast with V this morning. He's only been a few hours away down the cost, working on an RFS contract, so it's not been a particularly lonely week, but its always so so so lovely having him home.

Draped the bump in some stripes and dragged her out for coffee/muffins and a hair appointment - a much needed trim and re-reddening. Emerged feeling human once more, yew!

On that note, this pregnancy gig is amusing at times in the way that suddenly everyone has an opinion and your body is somehow public property. Colouring one's hair whilst duffed up is apparently somewhat of a divisive issue! As is coffee. And exercising. Heh. The list goes on. Luckily my attitude is generally to smile and nod, and maybe inwardly roll my eyes a bit. I'm positive every pregnant lady experiences this so I know I'm in good company!

Anyways. There's a cat-laden couch and some episodes of Rachel Zoe calling my name. Have lovely evenings all!

PS: As some of you have asked - this poor little unborn kidlet is so being enrolled in ballet classes as soon as she turns 4, here's laughing if she grows up a total bunhead-loathing tomboy!


  1. 'Bun-head loathing tomboy', haha so sweet. Am sure she'll have your passion for ballet xxxx

  2. I still remember all the death stares I recieved drinking a mocktail on a birthday dinner out while pregnant. Give me the benefit of the doubt people!

    How cute ... your little one & you toddling off to ballet together in your tutus.

  3. Hang on, EXERCISING is bad for you???? If you were entering some desert marathon I'd be concerned, but you just keep on dancin x

  4. Wah! you look gorgeous!!!!

    As for the coffee thing, I drank one a day (2 on days when I needed 2... or 3 ha!) during pregnancy and am convinced that the reason O's so tolerant of coffee now is because he was exposed to it in the womb.

    DRINK AWAY! I say!

    I've got to say the judgment doesn't stop after pregnancy :( I feel guilty every time I pull out a bottle of expressed milk, like I need to say "IT'S OK IT'S BREAST MILK" or if it's formula say "it's ok he has it probably once a month, it's just easier because we are out"... sigh....

    You're doing a stella job, don't let peoples stares/judgment/words bring you down.


  5. Meh-everyone is different, and has different thoughts. Do what you think is right, and what you are comfortable with.
    Hope you are having a lovely weekend!

  6. wth, people still think you shouldn't colour your hair while pregnant? jeez. the judgment is one aspect I'm not looking forward to when having a baby!

    the bump looks gorgeous in stripes x

  7. How is exercising bad? Some people....

  8. I am super late, but CONGRATS to you and V!!!!!!! :D :D :D. So happy for you!!! (Yes I think I saw a post on VF, then realised that I had not checked your blog for a while, boo)

    Aww, such exciting times!!!!! :D :D And yes, I like your attitude - do the things which you enjoy and are comfortable with!

    And yes, while we're on the subject of exciting things (and okay...over-sharing on blog comments :P), I'm engaged! (Since Dec), and getting married in Dec :) :) (fingers cross I graduate!)

    All my love via the internetz!!

    xox Deb from ye hometown :) :)

  9. It honestly shocks me that people think they can comment/judge others on their pregnancy/child-rearing choices. It's APPALLING. Are they perfect? No. Then shut up. Babies have survived faaaaaar worse than exposure to hair dye and coffee.

  10. You can't win! haha. I bet if you weren't exercising you'd get judgment or if you didn't colour your hair people would be saying how there's no need to let yourself go in pregnancy or some such bollocks. You're looking lovely! The bump is really popping now, it's lovely!

  11. I say good on you for doing what you want while pregnant. I did all of these things, and was reprimanded and few times, by STRANGERS! Well poo to them! I even ate some taboo things too! You look great, and im sure you feel great because your healthy. SO keep it up!

  12. AHHH we had that convo about public ownership of pregnancy and I hadn't even read this post! Haha. We're on the same wavelength again, I see ;) xx