Saturday, June 1, 2013

mellow autumn weekend...

I know I am quite possibly alone in my love of cold, rainy weather - but the arrival of autumn mist and chill has been greeted with elation and fanfare in the KittyCate household, and accompanied by the smell of poached fruit and freshly-brewed coffee, the airing of wintery woolens and warm waffle blankets.

The weekend has thus far involved fresh flowers, killer bowls of steel-cut oats at lee&me (plus the e-papers), and accessories the bump in stripes, yet again. The mad, crazy life I lead! It's a wonder they haven't come for me.

Spent some time having my hair cut and re-reddened on Saturday (cue howls of disapproval from the anti-hair-colour-whilst-pregnant brigade). Banana bread and coffee were also called for - it is the weekend after all!

Ducked into Bloch and absolutely could not resist grabbing a pair of ballet shoes for the bump - let's face it, this was certainly inevitable. Is it tacky that we will both own ballet shoes from the same shop? Taking mother-daughter accessorising too far perhaps? The little girly is certainly amassing quite the shoe collection - in my defense, I have only purchased 2 of these pairs of shoes for her, the rest are gifted or hand-me-downs.

Speaking of the bump, I am kind of struggling to come to terms with the knowledge that I only have 13 weeks of this pregnancy left. It has flown by! Part of me is so, so excited for her arrival - the other part is kind of sad that this is almost over. I've enjoyed it so much, I'm really going to miss it.

Currently snuggled up on the couch with my favourite angora blanket and a giant mug of chai, watching the rain pelt down and listening to the wind whistling around our building. I believe this has been scientifically proven to be one of the cosiest scenarios possible - being all warm and comfortable indoors whilst its cold and rainy outdoors is one of my favourite things about this time of year.

Having rambled on about nothing of great consequence, I think I've about ground to a halt, and will leave it there. There is a bubble bath calling my name. I hope the weekend has been good to you all, and you are enjoying the autumn weather as much as I am!


  1. OMG those Baby Bloch's ballets slippers melt the heart. So adorable. I'm with you on the cold, rainy weather only and I say the 'only' emphatically if I don't need to venture outdoors. Otherwise it's not on.

    That bowl of oats looks absolutely delicious - I swear breakfast is my favourite meal. Enjoy those last couple of months of pregnancy, it's such a precious time xx

  2. Love the cold weather and listening to the rain.
    Those baby ballet slippers are adorable!

  3. Aww the shoes are so cute. It's nice you have enjoyed pregnancy most ppl dont seem to so you are lucky x

  4. Love love love! We're just back from the CalmBirth weekend in Bowral. Highly recommended x

  5. Oh you are definitely not alone in your love of cold weather. This is my favourite time of year for every reason you have mentioned!
    I have really been enjoying reading the paper on my ipad's so convenient and easy to do on the train.

    Baby is going to be the best dressed little girl in Wollongong I think! Those ballet shoes are too cute!!

  6. Funny, my bf and I last night were talking about this as her 3 year old insisted on matching dresses. I think you need to make the most of dressing up with a daughter as the years pass much too quickly. Enjoy the moments they want to be just like mummy :) x

  7. I felt sad when my pregnancy was coming to and end too because I loved being pregnant.

    I coloured my hair when pregnant- my Dr said it was fine to.

    Enjoy the last few weeks x

  8. Love the black & white striped jumper - where is it from? I'm struggling to dress a 29 week bump so taking some inspiration from you!
    Although I have enjoyed being pregnant, I'm looking forward to meeting the baby. Also, have found as of this week my morning oats are causing horrible heartburn, so hope this doesn't happen to you!!