Monday, June 10, 2013

wonderful winter long weekend...

Yay for a much-needed long weekend!

Went out for dinner on Saturday night - early birthday celebration for me. My parents flew out to New Zealand the following morning, hence the early celebrations. Did my best pregnant-in-heels (Rosie Pope would be proud hehe) I was very spoilt with a gorgeous Bassike cashmere shawl and Grace Coddington's biography - yay!

Picked up some stunning Bodum double-walled coffee glasses in the David Jobes sale - have been wanting these for aaaages!

Sunday, V and I spent the morning down in Berry - perfect spot to spend a gorgeous, sunny/wintry day! Soaked up some rays and bathed in a giant bowl of cappuccino at the Berry Sourdough Bakery. Treated myself to their amazing bread-and-butter pudding om nom nom

Today involved a good sleep-in and some cathartic decluttering - I think we are both nesting haha So good to clear out the hall cupboards and have them sparkling clean and organised! Whipped up some rice pudding and rhubarb for dessert tonight - winter necessity.

In bubba news - today begins the 8-week countdown until I finish up at work, argh! Combination of exciting and scary. Aaand that means 12 weeks (give or take) until she arrives! We've reached the point where she seems to be "sitting" (lying?) predominantly on my stomach, meaning I get very full, very quickly - lots of little meals, and frequently seems to be the key at the moment.

The cats say hai and send snuggles!


  1. You're on the home stretch now, hurrah! PS, love love love those glasses, my Mum has them and they are the perfect size for a Nespresso.

  2. Where are your orange harem pants from? They look fabulous.

    Perfect weather for bread and butter pudding!

    Your kittehs' faces kill me- so much personality!

  3. Happy (early) Birthday!!
    You look gorgeous and it sounds like you had a gorgeous time with your parents. I've got Grace and started reading it just after Orlando was born, often in the wee hours (3am) if I was pumping (he would always fall asleep and not get enough from the breast so easier to pump and get it in with a bottle quickly!). Argh!! I love the illustrations in the book, so whimsical.
    The Bodum glasses are fabulous with the Nespresso as Anon said. We use ours and they are perfect for it. if you're in the market for Real Living magazine they are giving away 2 glasses with a subscription at the moment.


  4. Looks like a lovely weekend and happy early birthday!
    We love our Bodum glasses, definitely a good addition.

  5. Gorgeous cups! Love them-might have to check out Myer. Happy early birthday-it's best to spread out the love! xx

  6. PS-just re read that! Not sure why I read Myer... :)

  7. Wow not long to go! Very exciting. You deffo don't look like you are a 6 months preggers.

    Happy early bday :-)

  8. Your kitties are so cute <3. You must be so excited for bubba! And happy (early) birthday :)

  9. gorgeous preggo in heels lady!
    I really need to take a trip to Berry, haven't been there in too long

  10. Happy birthday lovely lady.
    Loving that growing bump of yours!