Saturday, July 13, 2013

Long time, no blog...

Wow have I ever been a bad blogger! Have been MIA for far too long now - life, etc has just gotten in the way. With only 3 weeks of work left before I go on maternity leave, things have been slightly hectic on that front as well. Lots and lots of coffee heh.

The bump does provide an excellent coffee-rest I must say!

V and I have been happily nesting away - most of the "essentials" have been purchased, assembled etc. The Bee was a bit if a challenge to put together! I do think it fits rather neatly in above bubs' wardrobe - who said apartment living with a baby was a bad idea?

She's resting rather firmly on my stomach these past few weeks, so the appetite is pretty much gone these days - have been really getting into the vanilla milkshakes (which seems to be a common theme amongst my friends who have had girls!), must need the dairy!

The ute has gone to a good home - I am now driving a gorgeous new Toyota Aurion Prestige - reversing cameras FTW! Very sad to see the Beast go - I am going to miss that car. But my lovely new set of wheels is a definite comfort. (I clearly have a bit of a penchant for dressing the bump in stripes I'm noticing here, how funny!)

To update on the bump herself - had an extra scan the other week as I'm looking a wee bit small "on the outside", in addition to some health issues from my childhood. My OB was not overly concerned, but I was very happy with his better-safe-than-sorry attitude. Took a day down in Bowral with my mum - all has been confirmed as A-OK and spot on, it's always nice to hear your pregnancy described as "boringly perfect" by the sonographer. So I can definitively say, whilst I may appear small, the bump is exactly where she should be, growth-wise.

Had lunch to celebrate at Flour, Water, Salt organic bakery.

And picked up the most gorgeous merino cot blanket, so warm and snuggly!

Baby girl continues to be thoroughly spoilt by friends and family...

I leave you with this little gem my brother sent me - seems accurate enough!





  1. Lovely to hear an update! We went to CalmBirth course in Bowral and loved it x

  2. I was also a milkshake craver and had a girl, there must be something to that.

    Love the quote, I think I need to print it out.

  3. You're back! *Yay* Loving the stripes ;) All I can say is baby girl will be super stylish. So happy to hear everything is going well for you. <3 from San Francisco xo

  4. I had an ultrasound too for my eldest as i seemed small. But I was told my pregnancy was unremarkable! Felt pretty remarkable to me! Congrats on the new car. Driving with the baby in the back of a ute is never a good look ;)

  5. Congratulations with your pregnancy Cat. You and V will make wonderful parents and your little girl is very lucky to have you as her mum!

  6. I love that blanket! I want one! And stripes suit the bump :)