Sunday, July 14, 2013

wonderful weekend...

It's been a wonderful, relaxing weekend - very low-key and chilled out, just what I needed...

Snuggly sleep-ins with the kittehs...


Brunch at North Kiosk...


Followed by a relaxing walk along the beach

Can we just pause for a second whilst I pay homage to the amazingness that is these dried apples? Seeeeriously addictive, I've not found another brand that even comes close. Nom!
Coffee and the Sunday papers...


Fresh flowers make everything better - peonies in winter, for real!

Cannot quite figure out which of Jasper's legs is going where here...


Warm vanilla-bean milk and the latest edition of MindFood magazine, perfect for a chilly winters afternoon!





  1. Where did you get the peonies????

  2. wow, I'm amazed you got peonies in winter! so gorgeous x

  3. My first thoughts were those peonies... where did you get them...mentally promising to clean out my room if I can lay my hands on a bunch for my room. And then realise everyone else before me is just as drawn to them. :) Please share?

  4. Thanks guys :)
    I got them from my local florist, absolutely amazed she had peonies in winter and apparently they were shipped in from Holland! Surprisingly they were not any more expensive than usual - I guess that's the norm in floristry now xx