Sunday, August 4, 2013

end of an era, start of a new...

Friday marked my last day of work, and the beginning of maternity leave

It was a sad day, and an exciting day, and more than a little nerve-wracking leaving my practice with someone else for 12 months! I'm glad I've given myself 4 weeks before little madam is due to decompress and get myself out of work-headspace
Celebrated pregnant-lady style, with salt'n'vinegar chips and fancy ginger ale...
Because I'm a bit Type A (and paranoid), my hospital bags are substantially packed and good to go - they say once you hit 36 weeks it could happen at any time! Hopefully not, I think she's got a bit more baking to do...
Linen is all washed - these aden+anais swaddles are so soft!
Someone enjoyed a Sunday morning sleep in...
Mmmm fresh baked croissants...
My bunny mobile finally arrived from Etsy yew!
Nesting in full swing, just last-minute tweaks to the nursery now...
"What clean sheets? This mah new snuggle-spot"
Hope the weekend was good to you all!



  1. How exciting for you! Good luck with it all.

    That bunny mobile is adorable

  2. Your bump looks so adorable. Congrats on your last day of work. Now time for some pampering before bub arrives and you are a busy lady. Enjoy nesting hun xx

  3. You. Are. Fabulous. Lucky baby to have such an amazing mummy x

  4. Good luck... and forget about work!

  5. how exciting (and scary!) to finish up work. hope you enjoy the first few weeks of maternity leave to prepare for your little girl! x

  6. That seems to have gone so quickly! Bet it hasn't for you though ;) Loving the nesting, best thing about waiting for the baby to come!

  7. How exciting! The nursery looks just divine. I hope you are enjoying your well earned break! x

  8. You're looking fab!!
    Have you got a link to that bunt mobile? I want one!

  9. Awww have said this before, but you do pregnancy so gracefully. Loving the nursery too. It's my dream nursery setup!