Sunday, August 25, 2013

spring is (somewhat) sprung...

Hai! The maternity leave and preggo-ness continues! We seem to be sloooowly ushering in the start of Spring, and bidding farewell to Winter

Do you like what I did there?
Soaking up the sunshine with lots of beachfront walks - I feel so incredibly lucky to live so close to such amazing beaches!
Helloooo feet! (just! haha)
V and I have been enjoying some lovely date nights - there be whiskey in that man's apple juice, I'm told it was delish! (my plain Jane juice was just lovely, thanksverymuch)
Number of relaxing solo, pre-bub coffees I have consumed?
To be honest, I've lost count
Dressed the bump up as some sort of blue, fringed yeti creature today - not sure that's exactly the look the good people at sass&bide were going for heh
And speaking of dressing the bump, this Popbasic breton top has been good to me - definitely a pregnancy staple here!
Finally picked out a playmat thingo for le bebe - this one is in keeping nicely with the excess of owls we seem to have going on in the nursery...
Experimenting with my wedding veil in the nursery...
Not sure whether or not this stuff works? Feedback anyone? To be perfectly honest, I'm in no rush for her to arrive - I'm not "officially due" for another week (well, 6 days to be precise), and while she remains inside, everything remains very easy for me. No need to think, how that is going to change! Helps that I remain quite comfortable. I have to say though, the look in V's eyes every time he asks how she's baking, and the disappointment every time I come back from another OB visit with a, "no movement yet babe," is starting to kill me. He is just jumping-outta-his-skin excited for her to be here - so for him, I'm happy to sign the eviction notice.



  1. You are such a stylish mummy-to-be! Make it look so effortless to dress a baby bump.

  2. Towards the end I never wanted the baby to be born because I was just loving my pregnancy so much and I knew it'd be harder once he was born! But really once they are born it is just so fantastic! And much easier than everyone says!

    Enjoy the last few days xx

  3. Looking lovely and looking forward to an announcement.
    Never tried clary sage oil but took raspberry leaf tea tabs and acupuncture assisted with bringing on my labour. X

  4. Love the Yeti inspired ensemble. I was so eager to meet my eldest- unfortunately he was eager to meet me, and arrived 3 weeks early. Enjoy this time. x

  5. love the fringed baby bump! and that popbasic breton is so versatile. enjoy the last week (maybe!) of pregnancy! x

  6. She'll come out soon when she's ready. Her nursery is so gorgeous though, am sure she'd love being in it as will you for all the feeds and changes.

  7. Lol at your winter to spring display. That Breton looks lovely on you. Such a chic bump. Love the owls in the nursery, so cute. Can't wait to hear the news of baby E's arrival xx

  8. Such an exciting time! You, and the nursery look amazing! Enjoy your last days before she arrives! x

  9. Oh! You look amazing, and so does the nursery! I love it! Enjoy your last days before she arrives, such an exciting time! xx

  10. It's all very exciting! Baby E, you cook as long as you need to. Let Mumma enjoy the peace. Even if Daddy is a wee bit impatient to meet you :)

  11. I'm so so excited for Baby E! I'll have to release a baby line with a mini breton top ;) Good to know they're good for pregnancy, I have about 10 left over in my size from samples etc~ not that I'm pregnant yet.

  12. keep checking to see if the baby is born....x