Monday, August 19, 2013

just bumping along...

Still here, still pregnant! Apparently there is no risk of wee girl arriving early, so I have another 2 weeks of maternity leave before she gets here (give or take, I'm led to believe this is not an exact science).

I won't lie, there have been several sleep-ins - I figure I should make the most of these while I can!
Spent a day in Sydney with my gorgeous Mum last week, a kind of last hurrah (given I've now got less than 2 weeks left to go, I figure I should stick close to my chosen hospital and my OB, just in case!) Macarons and coffee at Laduree were called for
A boxful may have followed me home...
Queued for 15minutes at the Magnum pop-up store - so worth it!
Manicure at the NailSpa, ring cleaning at T&Co - how I shall miss you!
Picked up my new glasses and sunglasses, yew!
Acting on the common thread of advice I have been receiving, I have been making the absolute most of my maternity leave "alone time" before its all over (for the next 18 years ostensibly haha) Day spa trips = bliss!
Wee girl's nursery is almost complete! I will do a post sharing some photos once we have the final touches in place (love the giraffe's head peeking over the cot here!)
Picked out some books for her... (Ted belonged to my Dad)
Wee girl has a surrogate aunty L (ie one of closest friends), who is extremely excited over her imminent arrival - and likes to online shop at 2am from America - combined, this means many little Ralph Lauren dresses and Petit Bateau outfits have been arriving in the mail!
Pilates classes are such a godsend, it feels so good to stay active! I think it's all that's standing between me and back/hip pain coming on to be honest (can you spot Jasper photobombing in this picture?)
Final haircut and colour before D-Day!
Who knew these bad boys needed to be pre-soaked for 8 hours?! Thank goodness for experienced younger sisters!
If there were a show called Extreme Nesting, I'd be on it - decided the labels and layout of my pantry was not "pretty" enough and spent several hours revamping the entire shebang. Then re-packed my hospital bags a few times, for good measure. As you do.
Tested out the coffee at the new Diggies bike cafe in town - top marks! How amazing is this weather for just sitting around in the sunshine? Love
Also love a husband who brings home tulips



  1. aw sounds like you're having a lovely time on maternity leave! definitely make the most of it while you still can, though I bet you can't wait for the next 2 weeks to fly by! x

  2. this is so exciting! Love the baby's room. I remember getting my hair done and nails done because I didn't know when I'd next get the chance. Some one told me to cook and freeze food you can eat with a fork using one hand- this was really good advice!

    Best of luck with the last few weeks x

  3. Gorgeous post. Sounds like you are having a fab time. Is that a little Petit Bateau bathing suit? Yikes it's cute. The nursery looks adorable too. Keep us posted xx

  4. Amazing how much you can accomplish when you're nesting. I especially love your pantry. Also, those outfits are adorable. My engagement ring is the same as yours, although in need of a clean. Enjoy this time.

  5. It looks like you have really popped now! I think your plan to fit as much 'you' time in is golden - also, making the most of maternity leave! What glasses did you get? I'm due for new glasses now but I always get so overwhelmed by choice :(. Can't wait to see more pics of the wee girl's room.

  6. Okay, without sounding totally creepy - I thought it was you at the NailSpa! I was sitting next to your mum.. I was down from Darwin for a few days..

    Sounds like you're having a lovely time - so exciting that your little one will be here very soon! xx

  7. You look amazing, the nursery looks darling. Truly enjoy these self indulgent days. They are the BEST!!!


  8. Have absolutely no pregnancy advice to impart, but you look gorgeous and so happy. Envious of your proximity to Laduree!

  9. Have absolutely no pregnancy advice to impart, but you look gorgeous and so happy. Envious of your proximity to Laduree!