Friday, October 18, 2013

bushfires and a flashback...

How scary have these past few days been for NSW residents in bushfire affected areas? We live far enough away from any bushland to not feel truly worried, but closer to it all than I'd really like - my brother lives close-ish to one of the fires so I've been nervously hassling him to make sure he's still ok, big-sister-style. Just hoping there is no more loss of life

There was a pall of smoke this morning, and the smell of a hundred campfires...
Got dressed up and headed out for lunch with my mum and bubby this week...
Possibly the best salad I've ever eaten! Must replicate for dinner sometime
A couple of people have asked how the kittehs have been handling Evelyn's arrival - I think the photo of Jade says it all really. They remain intrigued but a bit wary (Jasper's reaction when she cries is nothing short of priceless!), and quite sooky thanks to us naturally having a bit less time for them. Jade in particular misses my lapspace being reserved for her...
In other bubba news - can I share how much I love my Hug-A-Bub sling? Handsfree time for vacuuming = happy mumma
In a bit of a flashback - after seeing Kai Otton's victory at the Rip Curl Pro this week, I hunted up this photo from June 2011. Tathra local boy makes good - bit of a fangirl moment heh
Hope all the NSW'ers are staying safe, and possibly doing a bit of a rain dance this weekend



  1. You look like you are thriving in the mother role. Love a good sling. I used the Ergo baby. The only way I could do any housework. Also, love the photo of Jasper. No doubt in a couple of years he'll be thrilled to have a new play mate!

  2. You look and sound so happy! xx

  3. Motherhood really seems to suit you. You look amazing and so happy. I'm definitely going to try to replicate that salad. Delicious xx

  4. Gorgeous mumma of the week award. *waves* to E and the kittehs