Thursday, November 7, 2013

of horse racing and baby babble...

Heigh-ho, back to blogging after yet another baby-induced hiatus! Yes, I am blaming her (rightfully so) - she keeps me on my toes, in a million wonderful ways. Permit me my little bebe-blabber - she is smiling back at us, has discovered her feet (causing her endless joy!), and plays with her hair with her little hand when she gets tired, which I just find devastatingly cute.

The little one is currently snoozing peacefully in her cot (2 hours and counting from my little day-nap-hater, winning!), giving me some free time to update the old blog...

My mum and I took bub to her first Melbourne Cup event this week - 'twas very peaceful sitting in the sunshine enjoying a glass of bubbles and watching the race
Clever princess picked a winner! And third place too! (As you can see, I don't have the stomach for serious gambling LOL).
Headed off to the local produce markets this morning with bub and my mum - inducting Evie into another very important weekly tradition!
Essential coffee-and-sourdough-toast pitstop at lee&me...
On that note - I feel like I've been doing nothing but eat out lately! Too much good food is going to see me bigger than I was during pregnancy!
Amaaaazing salad at the Berry Sourdough Bakery...
Brunch tasting platter with girlfriends at Diggies...
Breakfast with friends at Flannagans at Thirroul beach - new watering hole for us, top marks!
Luckily bub is a model dining companion
The little one was similarly well behaved last week during a much-needed visit to the hairdresser - alternating smiling and cooing with sleeping, interspersed with a feed. My hairdresser was very impressed that she slept through me having my hair blow dried! (might have something to do with the vacuum cleaner whitenoise we play her every night).
Aaaand I think I'm having far too much fun dressing le bebe...
Pretty as a picture in Escada and Missoni - her wardrobe is far superior to mine!
Too much matchy-matchy? Animal print shoes are tres chic doncha know!
Someone loves books already...
I promise to be a bit more on the ball with making blogging time, and responding to all your lovely comments! Can you all believe its Christmas in 7 weeks' time? Crazy! They year has just disappeared on me. I need to start Christmas shopping, stat. Planning on taking the little one to Sydney to visit Santa at the QVB - now that's truly crazy!



  1. Wow 7 weeks til Christmas? That actually terrifies me. Loving your Mummy updates, Evie is insanely cute!!


  2. We took Abi to QVB for her first Christmas photos!

  3. Your Evie is adorable!

  4. great to see you back! E is just beautiful, and so stylish! x

  5. Evie is delightful! Enjoy all that yummy food whilst your breastfeeding and the weight drops off x