Thursday, December 26, 2013

merry merry...

I always thought that Christmas was fun as a kid, well it's even better as a parent! The bebe is far too young to have understood it all, but gosh we still had a great time with it

The week leading up to Christmas was busy, but good...
Ordered a Christmas hamper from The Grounds cafe - it did not disappoint! The coffee is particularly good
My mum always sends the best Christmas cards!
My Popbasic "Melodie" collection arrived just in time for Christmas Day! Outfit, sorted!
Organised a little brunch at Dagwoods with the family, a bit of a farewell/good luck celebration for my little brother, who heads off to Sweden for a hospital placement just after Christmas, via Tokyo and London. Jealous!
Mmmm short stack with maple syrup...
Spent a blissful afternoon on Christmas Eve having my hair done - cupcakes to be eaten, Vogue magazine to be read at leisure
All dressed up for our annual Christmas eve party at J and L's place - bub looks remarkably pleased with herself in her Ralph Lauren sailor suit! I was just excited to fit into my Nicola Finetti LBD - it's a Christmas miracle!
Came home and baked the breakfast lusekkatter rolls - normally I would make these early Christmas morning, but thought I'd make it easy on myself this year, what with night feeds and all...
Hung the wee girl's stocking up for Santa...
One of the little blue boxes under the tree was for me, from V...
E is for Evelyn...
Yaaaay awesomest present from my brother! Bless his heart he knows me so well
Made Nigella's Italian Christmas pudding cake - say what you like about her personal life, Nigella never gets it wrong on the cookery front
One of the nicest bottles of bubbles I've tasted! Must have bubbles on Christmas Day!
Mum's pavlova is always a highlight
Merry Christmas from my little angel and I!



  1. what a gorgeous post and what a beautiful baby you have! I love the sailor suit and the angel dress. So pretty and you look so happy too. Christmas with a child is truly special. Children are just such precious gifts! happy christmas xxx

  2. Merry Christmas to you! Agree, Christmas with a child is so wonderful. That outfit is adorable. My youngest left hospital in a Ralph Lauren sailor suit. He only fitted it for two weeks, but that didn't stop me from keeping it! Pavlova and champagne looks inviting. Enjoy the rest of this festive period x

  3. That last photo is absolutely stunning Cate!
    Looks like you had a fantastic Christmas. Love the Christmas card, that's hilarious!

    Enjoy the rest of the holiday season! xxx

  4. Aww!! Merry Christmas :) That photo of you and E has absolutely stolen my heart. So unbelievably cute x

  5. Oh, that Nigella cake! The pomegranates look like little jewels.

  6. Cate - what a beautiful photo of you and your daughter. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas x

  7. Cate - what a beautiful photo of you and your daughter! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas x