Monday, January 27, 2014

quick catch-me-up...

Long time, no blog! Taking this opportunity of daddy/daughter playtime to type a few words, share a few photos - love a long weekend! It's been a lovely few weeks since Christmas...

A few householdy type bargains were scored in the Boxing Day sales, including these gorgeous Florence Broadhurst print sheets...
Someone's shoe collection seems to have multiplied over Christmas!
Baby's first swim was very exciting for all involved!
Our New Years was kind of spectacularly low-key. Bubbles and nibbles, and in bed by 9pm (after watching the early fireworks from our balcony). But also kind of perfect for us this year
I'm not a "resolutions" kinda gal, but this year I have unofficially resolved to be super organised, and return to keeping a paper diary - motivated in part by the way my vertschunken iPhone keeps eating my diary and notes! This gorgeous peach leather daily diary from Kikki_K is helping me stay on top of things - I am already anticipating the return to work and associated scheduling explosion!
This started happening - and so my bebe has graduated from wraps to sleeping bags *cries*
In other kiddo-related news, we are embracing the bumbo seat, and loving our solids! Rice cereal and pumpkin have both gone down well, and we're moving on to puréed zucchini this week - the mad, crazy life I lead haha
The lovely summery weather has necessitated a change in pram-dressing, from this...
To this! Cost me an hour and several fingernails, but it's so much better with the sunshade on!
I may have raved about them before here, but I'm so thrilled to have found such an amazing mothers group - there are only 6 of us, but we all get on like the proverbial house on fire. Our catchups are always one of the highlights of my week
So lucky to have a bub who is so cruisy with multiple social engagements - sleeping on mum during a coffee date is perfectly acceptable!
Dagwoods remains a firm favourite - can never have too many pancakes!
Heading to my first mums 'n' bubs Pilates class tomorrow morning, wish me luck!





  1. Your little one is gorgeous. It's great you can take her out on coffee dates - that must help break up the days a little.

    1. Thanks so much :) Yes getting out and about is so important I think I'd go crazy otherwise! x

  2. She is quite delightful!
    The iPhone and diary though is driving me around the bend! Maybe I need to resort to a paper diary too. I feel I have al the best if intentions but then after a little bit I stop using it.

    1. Thanks Sammie <3 right back atcha for your gorgeous wee man!
      Argh am already slacking off with the paper diary sooo bad x

  3. I could not even imagine a digital diary. I am all about the paper hahahaha.
    Gosh Evelyn is that photo of her asleep on you!


    1. Paper all the way for sure! Much happier with my Kikki K :) x

  4. Your E is divine. My E goes to the crèche at the gym during my pilates class and so far it's all smiles. FX it will be for you too.

  5. Love the bed sheets.

    I'm jealous, my mother's group (also a small group, we had 5) was just a flop, you couldn't find 5 more different (and, on occasion, conflicting) women if you tried.

    1. Ahh that sucks! It's so luck of the draw I'm sure of it, I just got super lucky. We've already paired off some of the poor kiddos haha x