Saturday, April 26, 2014


Well a long delay in posting of late! Mainly occasioned by our poor wee girl getting sick over the Easter long weekend...

We went from this, on Good Friday...

To this, the following morning
V and I had decided to go to the Grounds' Easter markets, show Evie the animals etc - had we known how crook she was we would never have dragged her out of the house! It just goes to show how quickly a little one can go downhill
It was just a 48 hour virus but unfortunately, she wound up with such a sore, inflamed throat that she went on a subsequent hunger strike which had us tearing our hair out trying to get anything other than hydralyte ice blocks into her
This was pretty much it for 3 days
Thankfully she is 100% better now and back to her old cheerful self! Regular posting shall resume soon



  1. Poor baby, glad she's better now xxx

  2. Poor little miss. I am glad she is feeling much better now!

  3. Poor little poppet, nothing worse than a sick bebe. We find refrigerated fruit pouches and frozen berries half thawed best when E isn't well. Hope she's better soon x

  4. so glad to hear she is feeling better Cat - her bunny suit was adorable !!
    wen x

  5. Hindsight can be the most frustrating thing as a mum. Glad E is all better.
    Was The Grounds insanely busy?

  6. Poor bubba, glad she's on the mend. She is so adorable.

    SSG xxx

  7. Bless x Glad she's on the mend x