Monday, May 5, 2014

weekend, weekend...

As promised, behold! A blog post! I have literally just discovered the Blogger ap on my phone (halle-fricking-lujah no more crappy Blogsy!), a whole new world of mobile blogging opportunity has awoken to me haha

The weekend just gone has been absolutely lovely - V wasn't working, and so the three of us just hung out and basically enjoyed each other's company and did not that much in particular - bliss!

Saturday was not particularly photo-worthy, but I nabbed some Sunday snapshots...

Morning cuddles...

Kicked off the day with coffee and the papers at the Giddy Goat at Keiraville, before heading to the park for some sunshine and relaxed playtime...

Eating grass/leaves/twigs at the park is de rigeur apparently

This photo seriously cracks me up - "no hat mum!"

My smiley girl ❤️

I had a good friend's bridal shower that afternoon, a High Tea (with pink sparkling thankyouverymuch!) So the wee girl had a lovely afternoon with V - they really are the inseparables those two.

Me in red, the gorgeous bride on my right, in grey - cannot wait for the wedding next weekend! Miss E will be having her first sleepover with her grandparents (my parents), they are pretty excited to say the least! I am a bit stressy about the logistics of leaving her for a full day/evening, but that's just me being a bit OCD, any tips from breastfeeding mums? I may have to do the good old "pump and dump" in the bathroom at some point oh the joy 😂

Anyways, that's it from me for the moment, there is a couch and a new book (yew!) calling my name, maybe a pair of ugg boots thanks to winter having finally hit. I hope the weekend was good to you all



  1. My in-laws had my then 8mth old when I was in a wedding back in October. I just expressed throughout the day (kept a little cold pack with ice blocks) to keep comfortable. If you're worried about the alcohol side of things, breastmilk alcohol content is the same as blood, it moves freely in and out of the milk. There's a nifty app that the ABA put out where you can keep track of drinks and times.
    Good luck!

    1. Ooh will have to check out the ABA ap thanks for the rec! It will be my first "night out" so I don't expect to be hitting the champers hard, in worried I may fall asleep into my second glass haha x

  2. Yep, I went to a wedding at 5 months and made it all day until 10pm before I needed to pump, but when I needed to, I NEEDED TO!

    The wedding was in situ so I found a quiet bedroom and pumped. Have me an extra few hours of enjoying myself, and I was right to feed in the morning.


    1. Haha that's my fear, when I need to pump, it's going to be urgent! E feeds 3-4 hourly these days, but I still think I may have comfort issues. Will pack my wee hand pump in case x