Friday, June 27, 2014

the new normal...

It took me so long to "come round" to the idea of having a baby. My old friends find it hilarious, I was so anti-children when I was younger (almost as much as I was anti-marriage, and look where that ended up hahahaha).

I won't lie, aside from being totally and horribly awkward around children, this mainly stemmed from what I perceived as the inevitable end of life-as-I-knew-it. No more late nights and weekend sleep-ins. No more degustation dinners and cafe brunches. No more designer duds and tidy, stylish home. According to "everyone", one you have a baby, you will never sleep, eat out, wear heels, or have sex again. 😂

Things have certainly changed! I now consider 8am a sleep in, and while my home is still tidy and stylish (I think!), a certain level of chaos often abounds thanks to one wee madam, to say nothing of the ugliness of babyproofing (hello baby gates and foam edges!)

But for the most part, life goes on as before. We are so lucky and have an extremely cruisy, happy little girl, most of the time. That's definitely a factor, and I am so grateful for this. She just fits perfectly into our lives, and it feels like a completion, not a hindrance.

I guess I have come to realise that you can write a new version of normal.


  1. Oh goodness - I could have written this word for word (minus the girl part - I have a little boy)
    I make a point of telling our expecting friends that life really isn't over. It was something I worried about during my pregnancy, I longed for our little baby but I also felt as though I was mourning life as we knew it. I totally didn't need to worry though - it might take a touch more effort but we still get in all of the things I thought we would lose.
    I am not sure if we are the exception, but like you our life hasn't had the back flip people had warned me about. I'd say it's just better now, although I do say it with a twinge of guilt because I know how easy we have it having had a settled bub.

  2. So interesting! I always wanted babies but now that we have one I'm facing the question of whether to go for number 2!

  3. Since our Miss E started sleeping twelve hours a night at six months this is us too. Babies bring joy to so many people, not just their parents!

  4. I am pretty much the opposite... sort of! I love babies and kids and couldn't wait to have my own. Then I got Grace, the clingiest, neediest, sookiest baby I'd ever known lol. She completely turned our lives upside down and after nearly 2 years of no sleep, we were total zombies (and definitely not having sex!!). Now that she's nearly 2 and a half, we are just starting to regain our lives.

    It's so interesting (and wonderful) how different each baby is.

  5. Huh, thanks for your insight on babies, little ones and life! I'm a little similar in that I'm not particularly keen on having kids (which I think actually frightens my husband a bit) but I think we day. I like being independent and also, having studied it a bit, know what sort of havoc pregnancy and having a baby will wreak on one's body :-s.

    Well I think at this stage, I'm still pretty young and have a bit of time on my hands. It'll also be a good period of time for me to develop and be more...mature ;)

  6. PS enjoying all your outfit photos and beautiful pictures of darling E! I don't normally fall in love with babies (although funnily enough, I LOVE paedodontics ;) but Evie is just gorgeous!!