Saturday, June 28, 2014

windy weekend...

It has been a rather odd week for us. V has been away for work, so I have been flying solo with Evie - can't complain, she is so easy it's not a drama, and I have loads of support. But I miss him! And was so looking forward to seeing him this weekend - BUT - due to the shitty weather, they have been seriously delayed (apparently gale force winds and 200m towers don't mix, who knew?) and so have been asked to work through the weekend. So single parent status continues for a bit I'm afraid! Sigh.

Anyway, a little recap of the past few days...

Friday morning, produce market shopping - rolls around rather quickly! heh

Grabbed a coffee from His Boy Elroy, creature of habit that we are!

Evelyn requested beetroot this week!

The stall where I spend most of my weekly shopping budget - my wee girl adores fresh berries and passionfruit! (So do I come to think of it)

Missing her daddy, plays silly buggers in his dirty laundry hahahaha

The weather has been kind of revolting this week, I have always liked the cold, but this wind has been horrid! So loud that our windows rattle at night

There has been lots of this...

And far too much of this! 😱 Grey hairs territory!

This morning E and I ducked into Three Chimneys for breakfast with my sister and niece. Bit of a back story...

We went here with the fam when this place first opened - there was such a hype, there were crowds queuing for a table on their first Saturday breakfast sitting. I think the owners must have taken one look and just gone "Oh fu..." Totally unprepared. It was mayhem. Just chaos. The highlight perhaps being watching one hapless young waiter wandering aimlessly with one rapidly-cooling latte clutched in his paws, desperately looking for it's owner. We waited for an hour before leaving, sans food or drink.

Anyway, have since returned many times for (bloody excellent) takeaway coffee and baked goods, and was keen to give the place another try now that things have calmed down somewhat. Hey, it can only be a good thing for a business to generate such an immense buzz before it even opens! And today did not disappoint...

Really, seriously good coffee to be had!

Rugged up warm courtesy of the good people at Seed and Country Road...

World's most hilarious ponytail 😂

The eggs Benedict is really delish, their rye toast is the best I have eaten. My one criticism is that they should include two slices of toast, one piece for two eggs is just silly (especially when you've got a little sparrow-baby eating half your toast!) We shall definitely be back!

Have to dash, the kiddo is napping and there's an episode of Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries calling my name - does anyone else just adore this show? Favorite!

Isn't Essie Davis luminous?

I have somewhat of a major crush on Nathan Page as Det Insp Jack Robinson (did you know he used to be a champion cyclist and trained at AIS?) Hmm that brooding look gets me every time!

How has the weekend been treating you all? Hope you've managed to stay warm and out of the wind!


  1. I cracked up laughing of the picture of Evie standing on the bumbo. That is excellent balance.

  2. The produce markets look wonderful. I should try and get to some around where I live more often.

    Evie is gorgeous!

  3. I think Ari and Evie have an identical wardrobe haha

  4. His Boy Elroy is the most amazing name EVER.