Monday, June 2, 2014

what a weekend...

Evelyn turned 9 months old on Sunday...

What a huge difference that time has made in our lives! (Oh my god mascara blob on the mirror, dying!)

She is no longer my little squishy baby, she is a real little lady now, I still cannot her my head around it! 

A damp and somewhat dreary Saturday called for bowls of coffee...

Those flowers from our lovely landlords are looking great still!

Sunday, we headed out for breakfast with the inlaws at Dagwoods - always reliable for good food and service! The eggs benni was great, they make the most divine rye bread, had to order another a serve of toast as Evie kept eating mine! Her appetite knows no bounds these days

Hurricane Evelyn tears through the bookcase...

Gave her a flower to keep her occupied on the drive home from dinner - lasted all of ten seconds. Her face here clearly tells me what she thinks of my crummy diversionary tactics!

Apparently, Jasper controls the remote - and last night he wanted to watch The Voice, who am I to argue? hahaha

Poor V is working in the Blue Mountains today and has been texting me updates on the increasingly cold weather - I'm snuggly and warm with my ugg boots on and a cup of mint tea, maybe I won't tell him that

Game of Thrones tonight! Yew! I am eager to see whether the outcome of the Viper v Mountain showdown is as gory as it was depicted in the book


  1. O.M.G it certainly brought the gore!

  2. Really enjoying your posts lately. I'm one week off welcoming my first child into the world, so it's been delightful to follow your journey. Thanks for sharing.

  3. It was shocking! I don't think I spoke for about 10 minutes. He certainly knows how to shock! I love this post-so full of happy! xx

  4. You look amazing Cate! Breastfeeding is wonderful for getting back in shape isn't it!

  5. You get flowers from your landlord?? I need a new landlord....

    It's crazy to think how much this little lady has grown in 9 months! Here's to many many amazing years ahead.