Friday, June 6, 2014

winter is here...

Ahh June, month of many many birthdays

We celebrated my mum and sister's joint birthday on Wednesday, then my brother's today - and I am in a fortnight, yew! I love all the gift giving (and cake, always cake)

Cold weather calls for ugg boots! Or sticking your head in your mothers', whichever takes your fancy...

Someone decided that my cosy Mimco scarf suited her much better...

Little mischief just chilling with her best bud at mothers group - love a guy in a hoody

More cosy - while the baby sleeps, I can chillax with some classic Holmes and a cuppa

I made the most amazing pulled pork I have ever tasted last week, seriously, the best! With Asian slaw on a brioche roll, dying

"Mummy is playing with the clothes! I play with them" 😂  Laundry with the kiddo in two take a lot longer 

V has very carefully and lovingly attached rubber protectors to all the sharp, nasty corners in our apartment. And E loves nothing more than to carefully pull them off, and run around with one in each hand, chewing on them. I honestly don't know whether to laugh or cry! I'm just praying for no head injuries!

Popped the kiddo in her cot this morning while I did my shower/dress/makeup thing, as is our usual routine - came back to find she was happily "reading" herself her favorite book, Hello Baby by Mem Fox. I'll admit, my heart may have exploded just a little bit

To market, to market - stocking up on fresh produce goodies. I swear she had more fun that her face would have you believe here!

So the Viper v Mountain fight scene was just as brutal as depicted in the novel! A smashed watermelon came to mind *blergh* I must say, I was disappointed with the handling of the Danerys/Jorah parting of the ways - it was far more complex in the novel and, I think, far more warranted. The tv version just made Dany seem cold and ungrateful IMO, her actions make much more sense in the book. Thoughts? Not sure how many diehard GOT readers/viewers follow this blog hahaha


  1. Ohh E is just too gorgeous! So cheeky and cute!!
    I'm die hard GOT but tv only, haven't read the books. I couldn't watch the end of this weeks episode, I closed my eyes, the sounds were bad enough!

  2. Gosh that jeans and bunny jumper outfit is beyond gorgeous. What a little fashionista E is! My son has those Chevron pants - I love them and will cry when he outgrows them.
    I love GOT but haven't read the books - I have been trying but having a little one makes beginning a series of books a challenge. I take months to read books I would have devoured in an evening pre baby. I will get there eventually.

  3. Argh! She's so adorable. You must just squeeze her all day long!