Tuesday, July 22, 2014

for want of a better title...

My gorgeous sister and her family headed back off to Tassie at the weekend for another locum stay - I miss them already 😢 Luckily it's only for a few months - hoping we might make a trip down there ourselves to visit, I have never been but always wanted to!

Hit up the Three Chimneys for a cheering coffee on Saturday...

My coffee date preferred the taste of her own shoes...

If she can get her hands on the baby wipes, she will take off at top speed pulling them out and throwing them everywhere 

Fun game for Evie, not so much for Mum 😂

Looking far too grown up in her Escada dress, heading out for a Balinese feast Saturday night!

Sunday, we tried out the new eatery Two Doors Up for brunch...

Our meals were really nice (good price too!), but I hatehatehate when they butter the toast for you! Not everyone likes butter, and they always put too much on. In this instance, the meal itself was quite rich, and the buttered toast was just too much. Lesson learnt to ask for no butter next time!

Because it's just not a Sunday without a Bunnings run...

Very much taken with this little drop of late! Very drinkable and a good price point

V has been working ridiculously hard of late, I'm talking 15hour+ days! That's what happens when an idiot P-plater takes out a pole carrying a communications array - phone and internet down, and seriously panic to get it working again. Drive safely people, my husband has to fix your fuck ups! Hahahaha
He is off again this week in rural NSW, hoping it's an easy job and we see him again on the weekend

Wishing you all a lovely week!

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  1. As always, E is a beauty!

    I've been loving trying new wines lately, I'll have to check this one out.