Wednesday, July 23, 2014

pretty little things...

I have been so enjoying my weekly barre Pilates class of a Monday morning 😊

Always followed by a coffee!

While this one hangs out with her nana for an hour - not sure which of them enjoys it more!

Treated myself to some lovely blooms from my local flower spot...

Evie has started music classes and is loving them it would seem...

Fun in the sun at mothers group today...

We are having Faye Cahill make Evelyn's birthday cake (let's face it, I'm hardly able for that LOL) - tossing up between something like this...

Or this. Obviously in pink rather than blue 😊 

How gorgeous is this month's Vogue cover? Sarah en pointe ❤️

Have been enjoying some early nights with a jasmine tea and my book...

Hot water bottle optional, but most definitely desirable in this weather!



  1. Oh I have to put a vote in for that first cake. Although the second one would feed more people I imagine. Both are lovely.
    That red dress is perfection!

  2. I love my Monday morning ballet class - isn't it the best start to the week?! Love the vogue cover too, had to buy it! And gosh I love murakami books too, don't think I have read that one though x

  3. I've been going to a Barre class and love it. I was so sore for DAYS after my first one though! I like the second cake, but either way will be stunning! Xx

  4. I just cannot get over how cute this kid is

  5. Adore Haruki Murakami. I've been lucky enough to read his new release and it's GLORIOUS!

  6. Girls can have blue! The blue cake is gorgeous