Tuesday, July 1, 2014

halfway through...

This week has felt kind of long - I can't believe it's only Wednesday! Combination of V being away for work, and school holidays meaning none of our usual daytime "actives" are on, so Evie and I have been having to make our own fun! 

We are fairly easily amused!

It is so, so ridiculously exciting to watch our new home going up in the nextdoor block!

Poor V must be eternally frustrated by me texting him "updates" - like, oh there are three big digger looking machines and a truck next door! They're digging trenches and then putting these wooden posts all around. I mean, I don't know the actual real names - I think that's fairly descriptive 😂 Hopefully he gets a chance to have a recce during daylight hours and can actually explain to ME what they are doing hahahaha (apparently the steel cage thingies are "rio"?)

Speaking of V, he managed to swing by on Sunday for the afternoon/night before heading off again Monday morning - no rest for the wicked though, as you can see!

Woke up on Tuesday to an almost $1,500 mobile phone bill 😱 Thank Christ it was a mistake at their end, thanks to Optus for fixing it all up!

Some slightly mad hair had necessitated a trim this week( for both of us, truth be told!) Kid's got static in the attic here!

Actually having rather a good hair day myself, rare as that is! This new shorter 'do is certainly easier to style of a mornig (read: wash and don't brush hahahaha)

Treated ourselves to a delicious lunch at lee&me afterwards...

Someone had a lot of fun yesterday tickling the ivories at her grandparents' house!

Headed to the beach this morning with my main girl for some mothers group action...

Always has all the toys 

Yes, this looks safe...

Pic courtesy of Olivia Palermo blog

Did anyone else die a little bit when they saw Olivia's wedding photos? Just love the blue Manolos, a touch of Carrie ❤️ 

Happy hump-day to you all!

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  1. Ah! That photo is exquisite. My best friend wore those shoes on her wedding day - five years ago now, but still so classic.