Sunday, June 29, 2014

I'll tell you a story about a boy...

He was 21 years old.

He was, quite literally, a high school drop-out. Had left year 11 to go and take a trade, done some rigging/dogging work, then kind of just stopped and did nothing much in particular.

And then he met a girl, a girl who was just starting out at uni. On the way to a BA and a law degree, with grand plans of practicing as a barrister someday.

To impress her, (and I think himself), he enrolled in a Dental tech degree. Figured it was something he would be good at, having an interest in fine work, an eye for detail. He was right. Three years later he was qualified and working in a dental lab manufacturing appliances, dentures, implants. Fast forward several more years, and he was running the lab as it's manager, several technicians working under him.

Then it all slipped sideways so fast it left him breathless - deregulation of the industry, meaning anyone could now perform his role without qualification or registration - redundancy after the resultant downturn in the industry - no job, and an essentially useless degree and skillset.

He could have wallowed. He could have raged and cried and broken things. Instead, he took a huge breath and a leap of faith - he began registering for rigging work with employment agencies, got out his old contacts, hustled. Started running, weights - lost 30kg. Took it seriously.

Someone, miraculously it felt, was willing to take a chance on a guy who'd been out of the game for nearly a decade. Offered him a basic doggers role on a crane. That was his foot in the door, and he didn't look back.

A year later, a rigging role at a small company. Three years later, a 2IC role at a mid-level company. Lots of hard work, learning, training, travel, missing family and loved ones.

Six months ago, after three applications and countless interviews and medicals, a coveted supervisor's role at one of the country's largest mining, construction and telco giants.

V, you are the hardest working person I know, the most dedicated, and tenacious - the guy who never gives up, and cannot be knocked down so hard he won't get up again. You are my hero.



  1. I'm so glad to read this. Props to him!!!

  2. Such a lovely story ... I can feel your pride!

  3. There is nothing more beautiful than a woman bursting with pride in her partner x

  4. That's so lovely. What an inspiring guy. I love this post :)

  5. oh Cat <3 this - I know how proud you are of V - and I remember how something else was considered but the cards were not going to fall his way and how down he was because of that - but now what a blessing in disguise that was because he wouldn't be where he is now.
    lottsa luv wen x

  6. This is such a nice post. Well done, V.

  7. gorgeous post...your hubby sounds like an amazing man. I feel the same about my hubby too, different story but same thoughts. xo

  8. Beautiful post, truly lovely to hear about your personal experiences.

    Can I ask a question as a fellow hot head? You don't seem like one at all. How have you learnt to manage your temper?

    K x

  9. What a beautiful and inspiring story. Good on you V! You deserve this success, enjoy it :)

  10. Hi Cat, I'm meant to be doing some study but am catching up on blogs instead ;)

    Wow, thank you for sharing!! What an inspiration your husband is - you must be so incredibly proud of him! It takes so much courage to try new things, especially I think, the older you get.

    Congrats to you and your husband! Hope all good things come your way. :D xx