Wednesday, September 10, 2014

fit for a princess...

The nursery has been a work in progress - I love to rearrange it, move things around, V finds it hilarious (it was worse when I was pregnant and nesting!) And I have had so much fun this past week incorporating all of the lovely birthday presents!

Evie-girl received some truly beautiful and unique gifts - I certainly have girlfriends with amazing taste...

My old Ted retains his key place on top of the bureau - the kiddo adores him, but doesn't get to play with him much unfortunately as he is extremely fragile, and "gentle" is a relatively new word in Evie's vocabulary...

Backpack from Country Road
"Wild Thing" crown from Hubble&Duke
Collette Dinnigan for Target tutu
Target Slipper chair

Absolutely adore the cot!

Gorgeous Maileg bunny was a gift from a family friend
The Hans Christian Anderson fairytales were mine, from a Danish friend
My parents bought Evie the marionette from Poland, the week after she was born!

My lovely sister gave me these two prints from Tassie at my baby shower - apparently one of them bears a freakish resemblance to me! 
The felt ball garland is by Felt Foxes.
V picked the owls from the Canberra Bus Depot markets when I was pregnant. The colours aren't "right" but I adore them, and that he went out and found them for our wee girl ❤️

Very much looking forward to doing her "proper" room once our place is complete!


  1. What a cute nursery!
    I hope everything is ok re your last post x

  2. It's gorgeous! Love it, especially all of the things with meanings-your teddy and book and the owls that don't quite match. Those are the important bits that make it homey and special! Xx

  3. So many pretty pieces for a pretty little girl x

  4. It's beautiful!!! I've just rearranged our baby girl's nursery too ... in anticipation of moving her into her own room (yikes!). I love the nursery, it's my favourite room in the house. It looks like we'll be moving soon too ... and I was just going to do the same decorations but Mr B seems to think a whole new nursery design could be fun hahaha

  5. I love felt garlands - we have one in O's room.

    All looks so beautiful!