Saturday, September 6, 2014

in absentia...

Salutations and hello! Yes, I am still alive - just, sometimes it feels haha

We have had a lot going on lately - life has been wonderfully busy and fun, but we have also had a rather stressful, negative incident to deal with, I won't bore you with the specifics. We are all well and healthy, happy as a family as always - and we will bumble our way through this, with the help of the experts. But it's taken up rather a lot of time and headspace. But it's in the hands of the gods now, and no point worrying about what cannot be controlled.

V has been working away during the week a fair bit, luckily he is often at a site that is driving distance for the kiddo and I. The other week, we drove to Orange to spend a few nights, we had a blast!

Having way too much fun at the Orange mall...

Coffee and furry new friends at Bills Beans...

Dinner at the impeccable Rocking Horse lounge - someone was rather taken with the titular horse!

Some sustenance grabbed at 2337 at Glenwood on the drive home

Evie turned out to be a champion traveller, and slept, read and played the entire way. Gives me confidence to venture further afield next time!

My sister and her family came up from Tassie for E's birthday party. It was such a lovely thing for them to come all the way, and so amazing to catch up. They are there until November and we miss them like crazy! Need to get ourselves down there for a mini-break I think...

Cousin love ❤️

We have been attending the round of mothers group first birthday parties, and loving it! My daughter has received more social invites than I have this year!

Father's Day brunch with Totoro...

I remember promising a nursery tour over a year ago now, before Evie arrived, and I have yet to deliver! It's been a work in progress and I am rather obsessed with rearranging it, much to V's great amusement. I promise some photos during the week!

A little taste...

Thanks to all who are still reading, for your patience, and kind messages. Here's to a good week, month, rest of the year!


  1. Where does time go?!
    I hope all is ok and things take a positive turn x

  2. Welcome back Cate! Hope you're okay. You were missed.

    How cute are the vintage tiny table and chairs at diggies? I always want to steal them for home when we go there!

  3. Hope everything is ok and it's just a little speed bump.
    Love all of E's little outfits, she is so lovely.

  4. Nice to 'see' you! I hope that all is okay. Thinking of you. Sarah x