Monday, October 27, 2014

dreaming of a white christmas...

Only 8 weeks left until Christmas, peeps! Ahahaha yes, hate me if you will - I've never made any secret of my love for all things seasonal - you certainly won't hear me complaining about a the decorations in the shops!

Hoping to get an early start on my Christmas cards this year - Kikki-k is always so reliable! I just need the Donna Hay Christmas magazine and I will feel truly Christmass-y.

I had somewhat of a minor tantrum the other day over feeling like a pack mule, lugging around handbag, nappy bag, (baby hahaha) On reflection, I decided it was a good time to ditch the nappy bag, which I really no longer need, and upgrade to a "mum-and-bub" bag. Something large enough to hold my things, plus the few extras that are all that Evie really needs these days.

Some fellow bloggers had raved about the Everlane Petra market tote (I am a huge fan of their silk shirts!) I was keen, but nervous about using a parcel forwarder. Salvation arrived in the shape of the lovely Brigadeiro, who was looking to offload her brand-new Petra. It arrived this week and I am utterly in love ❤️
(That is my Popbasic Salut! clutch you spy in there, holding all of Evie's fixings, prepped for easy removal on her daycare days).

The warmer weather has hit with a bang! The kiddo and I have been getting about in shorts and sandals, and spending lots of time at the beach. Thank goodness for aircon!

Apparently the remnants of Evie's birthday party balloon make an excellent kitty-nest. I haven't been able to turf the damn thing, the tiny one loves it still, and drags it about the place with her. Maybe a mission for when she is asleep tonight...

In other exciting news, I have been a woman on a tooth-whitening mission this past fortnight. Dad brought home some Colegate whitening toothpaste for me, after hearing me whinge about these stubborn stains that keep coming back on my centrals (ahem, coffee! eeep) Nothing like a free sample, thanks Dad! (Probably better than me constantly nagging him to go into work of a weekend and polish them for me).

And damn, that stuff actually works! It's a miracle! My teeth actually sometimes looks like I'm a smoker, they stain so badly (I have never been a smoker, for the record). And after just a few weeks they are actually nice and white - not freaky, zoom-whitened white, just normal tooth white. I am stoked! I won't torture you all with mouth photos LOL
(I'll tell you, it would want to have worked, maybe I have a low tolerance, but that stuff really tingles! 😬)

I am off to hunt down some easy, seasonal baking ideas - I do love to gift little bags of cookies to friends. Any recommendations?


  1. I am definitely not one to complain about christmas in store gets me so excited! I really love the kikki theme this year, and it just gets me so excited to start buying (and wrapping) presents hahaha.

    oh my god "kitty-nest" ... hahahaahaha. i think i will steal that one. Cats love sitting on different textures, so weird!

  2. Ooh which one did he bring you? I'm always on the hunt for a good teeth whitener

  3. Oooh love the Petra market tote! What do you think of the navy colour? And the size? Im not sure whether to choose the market or the magazine size!!

    1. I was eyeing off the navy too, it seems pretty bright, whereas I'm a "true navy" gal, so I opted for the black.
      I did some googling and the magazine size seemed a tad large for me, the market tote is large enough for me, and bubs x

  4. I haven't got any baking tips but last year I made this amazing caramelised onion relish which I put in little jars for everyone. It was so perfect with ham and turkey leftovers. (I got the recipe from the blog The Stylist Splash) she also has some cute biscuit ideas too.