Tuesday, October 28, 2014

just ticking along...

My sister and her family are back from Tassie, cue massive yay's! 😊 It's been so cute seeing E and P get reaquainted - they are best buds, I'm sure they will have some moments of biffo, but they are pretty sweet together. Seeing them makes me sad I grew up so far away from all my cousins. Luckily I have two pretty great siblings (when they're not interstate!)

My coffee date today was particularly cute - apparently the hat must stay on at all times

Actioned a major wardrobe cull this weekend - two bags full taken to my local Red Cross shop

Despite my best efforts, I still spy multiple striped tops in there! And don't talk to me about cream silk shirts. What can I say, I'm a sucker for the classics

I'm not usually a Women's Weekly reader, but I do love Mary - how ridiculously cute and well-dressed are her little girls?

Salad nights, for sure! Grilled chicken, goats cheese and yummy fresh veges



  1. Loving the look of your wardrobe :-) there's no such thing as too many striped shirts, I'm sure I've seen you wear them all on the blog/instagram!

    1. Ahaha thanks Hun that makes me feel better! x

  2. Yes! I hope the breton never dies because somehow I've managed to accumulate the wardrobe of a French sailor!

    1. The breton is the ultimate classic! French sailors ahoy haha x