Wednesday, October 29, 2014

my skincare saviours...

My skin has been a fair disaster zone of late - if I'm honest, since I had Evie! Lots of sore, red breakouts around my chin and jawline, that take ages to clear, and just keep right on coming! And sadly, I know it's going to be that way for a while as the cause is hormonal.

You see, I am currently stuck on the dreaded mini-pill as I am still feeding the tiny terror once a day. Once that's over and done with, I can shout hurrah, bin the mini-pill and go back on my regular pill, happy dances all round. 

Until then, here are the magic potions I have been relying on to face the day...

My current arsenal!

• Ella Bache lait enrichi is a gentle but thorough cleanser. Despite the break outs, my skin remains annoyingly dry and sensitive, and this cleanser caters to that perfectly.

• Ella Bache gommage - honestly, this was a gift with purchase and I don't love it. Certainly I wouldn't purchase it! It is inoffensive, but just meh. Doesn't seem to do much at all. Recommendations for a good gently, effective exfoliant?

• Dermalogica intensive moisture balance - this is my current HG moisturizer. It is so rich and nourishing, but surprisingly our. Definitely not greasy. I have been using it day and night, year around.

• Ella Bache creme intex no. 2 - my secret weapon! This stuff is the for those lovely little hormonal pimples that lurk beneath the surface and taunt you. Clears them up so quickly, hallelujah and praise jeebus.

I laugh when I remember I was the girl who used to use the OCM, and finish with a few drops of rosehip oil - how times have changed! Needs must, and I would rather shell out for good quality products that work, and be able to actually leave the house without a paper bag over my head.

The worst part is, my skin was amazing during pregnancy, all clear and glowy - bit of a change and a shock! Here's hoping it goes back that way soon.

Did any of you find that pregnancy or the post-natal period wreaked havoc with your skin?



  1. My skin was pretty good during pregnancy but what made it really good was not wearing (maybe 3 times tops) makeup for my 4 weeks of maternity leave pre-bub and the first 6 weeks of her life because I was house bound (c section = no driving for 6 weeks). It really cleared up! I'm back to getting hormonal chin pimples now though :( but overall it's better than pre baby.

  2. I've never been pregnant so I can't really compare, but my skin has never looked better since I quit using cleanser/scrubs on it. I have dry sensitive skin that always seems to have a sheen to it...even when it'd dry, go figure.
    Anyway, for the last year I've used a Norwex makeup cloth and water to cleanse with, and then usually MooGoo moisturisers. The only time I've had skin issues has been when we've been full on at the house (plaster dust, insulation etc.) can't complain otherwise.
    I intend to go off the pill soon (not to get pregnant!) so if it continues to work I'll let you know!
    PS. Norwex are microfibre cleaning cloths sold through a triangle thingy, if you were interested I could probably send you one...I don't sell it though!

  3. My skin was fantastic for most of my pregnancy and the last 7 months post bub. However, hormonal breakouts have started again so must mean my cycle is returning, nooooo

  4. Never been pregnant so I can't compare but I have super sensitive skin. I use the Kiehls's Pineapple Papaya Scrub and would recommend it to anyone with similar sensitive skin issues. It has a really soft texture and it's gentle as the texturised parts are sparse (and not plastic!), so you exfoliate without having harsh stuff on your skin. I alternate using an Avene general face/body wash on my skin with a Woolies microfibres cloth.

  5. Another non-pregnant one here but my skin was awful - cystic acne on my neck and jawline - until I started using O Cosmedics. Skin now is soooo clear and I can't remember the last time I had a breakout. Plus, they're cruelty free which is really important to me. And no, I don't work for them, I just haven't used anything as good!

  6. My pregnancy experience hasnt been quite as glowing on my skin. I've had red patches and chin pimples but have felt that the chin pimples do subside if I regularly do Caroline Hiron's facial massage techniques to move the facial toxins from the chin to the lymph nodes. Will have to wait and see whether my skin improves at all after the bub arrives.

  7. I got a few more pimples than normal while pregnant, but my psoriasis cleared up completely, which I was very chuffed about.
    Then about two weeks post-pregnancy it came back. Boo.

  8. I cannot quite remember! I think my skin totally cleared up after I was pregnant. It's too long ago now and it is true that you are meant to forget everything and keep going back for more babies!