Tuesday, November 25, 2014

mountain getaway...

V has been working in the Mountains for the past week or so, and last weekend Evie and I headed up there to stay a few nights in Leura and visit him. Of course, we picked the weekend when they were experiencing their hottest November day on record hahahaha - oh and no aircon in our accomodation! Thank god for good strong fans!

We stayed at the Old Leura Dairy. We have been there before and loved it, it's very quaint and private. Given the aircon situation I was temporarily bummed out that we hadn't gone with Lilianfels as originally planned (it's such a boon to be able to self cater and have a house when you're travelling with a kiddo!) But good old Moo Manor was spacious and lovely, and quite cool even in the heatwave.

Not a bad way to spend a Sunday evening! 

Always, always brekky at Red Door cafe when in Leura - not only is the food and coffee amazing, they don't make you feel like a pariah for bringing a kid/pram combo with you!

Coffee and Vogue and a sleeping baby, bliss!

We had an amazing meal at Leura Garage on Monday night, the venison was to die for! And the service was excellent. I had heard some very mixed reviews on this front - whilst we were there, there was a table to our left with the two most appalling women seated at it, the staff deserved medals for dealing with them! Maybe it's customer like that who complain on Urbanspoon. Definitely 5 stars for food and service from us

Madam has been very taken with her tin tea set - watching her pour tea and serve it to her little toys, making them drink, seriously the funniest, cutest thing I have ever seen

Back home and back into our usual routine today - have just actioned a major cook up for the kiddo while she naps, will have to share the mango/coconut scone recipe from My Little Lunchbox, it is insanely good! 

How did you all cope in the heat at the weekend? 


  1. That looks like a divine place to stay! I stayed in the Mountains in March and loved it, such a nice getaway.

    My house is surprisingly cool during the day at the moment (despite no ceiling fans/air con, so we didn't suffer too much.

  2. Nothing like a short mini break to refresh and unwind!

  3. What an awesome little getaway! Love the Blue Mountains.